Friday, May 1, 2009

Tech Update...

So I've been ranting lately about my disappointment with my new phone, right? Well, after I sent off a disgruntled e-mail directly to Verizon I got some results. The store manager called me this week and apologized up one side and down the other and told me to come in and she would personally replace my phone battery. I got to set the day and time I would be there and all was well.

Well today was the day and time. I convinced Nick to come with me because he is eligible for a new phone, too, on our plan. He was all psyched. We arrived at the store, I found the manager, she took my phone and did what needed to be done while Nick and I browsed around. In less than thirty-seconds, he had found his dream phone. I think it was love at first sight! Sharlena (the manager) brought me over to one of her assistants and told me that the new battery was in place and that if I had any questions, Dareous was my man. Plus, he could help us get Nick his new phone.

(Sidebar...) Do any of you watch "How I Met Your Mother?" If so, do you remember the episode when Barney's brother comes to visit and is played by Wayne Brady? Well...that was Dareous. Seriously. He told me that my shoes were fabulous. Direct quote. True story. So yes, my shoes WERE fabulous, my pedicure was rockin and I was feeling good with my new (hopefully) working phone. He reviews Nick's phone history and we are set to go except...not. See, I did not understand how exactly our phone plan/contract worked. When I got my phone, I had a $50 credit towards a new phone. So I assumed that all three of us on the plan would get the same credit.


The boy was NOT amused. He looked at me as if I had planned it all. Sure, because you all know how I just LOVE hanging out with an angry teenager. Tons of fun and laughter. Right. You know, if the boy had any money saved, he could have bought HIMSELF the phone. But being that he keeps screwing me on the phone bill, I was not so inclined to purchase it for him. No-can-do. So, I have a new battery, Nick has his same old phone. Like a wise-guy, when he saw Beckah later on he was all like "Hey! Want to see me new phone?" and she was like "Sure" and then he pulled out his same old phone and then glared at me.

Seriously, do all teens believe that we parents actually get any joy from situations like this? Because I'm here to tell you, we don't.

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