Monday, May 11, 2009

Should've Stayed in Bed...

Let me start by saying that I am SO GLAD that this day is coming to an end. I woke up this morning, got Michael up for school (first day back from track-out), woke Frank up and we got on with our morning. I felt icky and wanted nothing more than to vomit, but did not. I sent the father and son team off to drive to school and chilled for a bit. Twenty minutes after they left, the phone rings. It's the school. I'm like "COME ON! He's back in school for like three minutes and already there's a problem???"

Um, yes...and the problem is me.


There was no school today. Track-out does not end until Wednesday.

Bad mommy moment.

So I call Frank, he goes back to school and I stand in the shower and cry because I am SURE this is going to traumatize the boy for life. Yet another incident that will be discussed on some shrink's couch some day. They get home, I cry some more, make my child so uncomfortable that he actually seems unsure whether or not to come near me. He gave me an awkward hug and then ran for the TV.

I'm beaming with pride right now.

Then it's off to work. I'm PMS-ing, I've traumatized my child, I want to vomit and now...I have to move heavy furniture! Why? Because the church that rents space from us forgot to set the classrooms back up. So now I have to set up 12 tables, 24 chairs, unload two bags of ice and two 12-packs of beverages and start my day with a smile! NOT LIKELY!! I was sweaty and angry and pretty much wanted to cry again. Not a good way to start the day.

The day never got much better. I pulled like 150 books off of the shelves for consignor's to come and pick up. I called like a dozen people to tell them to come and get their stuff. I dealt with obnoxious teens who thought they were funny trying to steal metal chairs. Then in the midst of it all, I had to argue with my OWN teen about WHY he cannot have a pet hamster, gerbil or any other kind of rodent-like pet.

At the end of the work day, I did my three-mile walk, came home, cooked dinner and am just now at 10:04 starting to unwind. One can only hope that Tuesday dawns a little bit brighter.


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