Wednesday, April 29, 2009

He's Not a Baby Anymore...

You know, it just sneaks up on you. The day that your 'baby' is no longer a baby! This is fairly traumatic. Seriously!

Okay, first there was Saturday night when Michael went on his first 'official' sleepover. I mean he just LEFT! No "I'll miss you mom" or "Can I call if I want to come home?" Nothing. Nada. Zilch. He just grabbed his stuff and was on his merry way.

Then tonight after work, we were picking up Chinese food for dinner and I pulled up in front of the restaurant and Michael went in solo to pick up the food. Paid for it and all!

Where the heck did my little boy go???

At this point, if I mentioned this to Frank he'd be panicking thinking that I'm hinting at wanting another baby. It's just so weird seeing my baby grow up and becoming more independent. You top that off with Nick driving and getting ready to have his license soon and you know what I'm going to be doing this summer while unemployed?

Sitting at the local bar crying in a bowl of daiquiri's!!

Not a pretty sight!


Cathleen Bragg said...

It is time for you to have another baby. Ya know, 17 years ago you had Nick. 9 years ago you had Michael. You are a little behind schedule. But you can make it up by having twins!!! Think about it. You're unemployed now, what better way to spend your free time!! I would babysit!

Nani said...

i'll join u for the drinks! i need one to go w/all the whinning and not listening i have been dealing with lately