Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All of a Sudden, I'm 16 (and not in a good way!)...

I woke up this morning and got ready for work. I made sure that everyone had what they needed for the day and packed up lunches (Michael was coming to work with me today). As we were getting in to the car, I turned to Nick and told him that I needed him to do me a favor today. He's like "What?" I needed him to go to the post office for me and drop off some Mother's Day cards that I had to get out plus a book for Paperback Swap. The cards were stamped, the book had to be weighed. I told him that I would treat him and Beckah to McDonald's for doing me the favor. He's like "No, problem and you don't have to get us lunch."


When it was time for them to go, I explain all that needs to happen, give him money for postage for the book and as he's walking out the door I'm like "You gonna pick up lunch?" to which he replies "You already HAVE lunch" and walks out the door. Um, excuse me...I KNOW I have lunch but maybe, just maybe, I didn't WANT that lunch and was thinking that perhaps he had changed his mind about my buying lunch to thank them for running this errand for me. So okay, no McDonald's (stupid Healthy Choice lunch was okay) but I have to admit, his attitude miffed me a bit.

Enter 16 year old Stace...

So I go on Facebook (my cyber home away from home) and make my status: Stace if very annoyed that her son would NOT (refused to) get her lunch. I thought it was funny. I got some sympathy from my friends, I had a good laugh. Well, then a little later on, his girlfriend puts her status as "She is tired of being taken advantage of".


Now I am CONVINCED this is about me. I start to freak. Because clearly, EVERYTHING is about me, right? So I call Frank and make him talk me down from the ledge. "What if she's really mad at me?" God love my husband, he just sighed patiently and let me vent and then very calmly told me to call Nick and straighten it out.

Do I do that?


First, I go BACK on to Facebook and apologize to her for making her go to the Post Office for me, tell her I love her, and apologize again. THEN I call Nick - who is of NO help - and still a little snippy! He claims that she is NOT mad at me, she sends me a note on Facebook and everything calmed down.

I think I need an intervention...


michelle arensman said...

You know, before total insanity sets in, there's paranoia. Just sayin.....:)

A.Marie said...

You have such a way with words that just cracks me up every having Frank talk you down from the ledge. I just had this visual, and I'm still laughing! Seriously, isn't parenthood supposed to get easier as the children get older? I don't think it is! I have two teens, 18 and 15, so I am relating with you BIG TIME! :)

I just always use the phrase from Madagascar (sp?) that those silly penguins use at the very end of the movie. It is where they say, "just smile and wave boys, smile and wave." And they have these cheesy grins. So, that is what you should do; just cheesy-grin your son and the girlfriend....they'll just spend their time wondering what you are up to and less time thinking about being mad at you! :)