Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Happy Mother's Day To All!

First, Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there! I hope that you are all being pampered and loved on today.

Mother's Day started early for me. Yesterday, after the whole yard sale debacle, Frank took me shopping. This may be a little TMI but, we went bra shopping. I know this may not seem like a big deal to some of you but I never, EVER find a bra that fits right. So my honey took me to a shop that specializes in such things and I had a custom fitting (sure, right on the heels of the whole mammogram trauma) and found a beautiful bra that FIT!! Yea, me! THEN, as if that weren't enough, I got a solid eight hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. It was glorious!

I woke up this morning, got ready for church and Frank had made me some breakfast. It was yummy. Remember my post from last week about Beckah's birthday and how Nick pick's wild flowers for her? Well, today he picked wild flowers for me and I cried. That meant more to me than I can even put in to words. Then he and Michael made me a card (more like a poster!) and got me all kinds of chocolate goodies - including a YooHoo - and I just felt so loved.

Next we headed off to church. I had debated on whether or not to go because I was feeling a little lazy, but in the end I did the right thing and went. Nick came with me for the first time and it was like I had brought yet ANOTHER celebrity with me (Frank being last week's celebrity). People stopped to talk to him and couldn't believe how big he had gotten and it was just lovely. He talked with his two former youth group pastor's who both just loved on him. To sit with my boy, sing praises with my boy, and just BE with my boy, well, that was an awesome Mother's Day gift. The sermon was wonderful and was delivered by one of the former youth pastor's, Noah. He and his wife are the one's I've been mentioning from their blog Nothing 2 Bring - please keep praying for their little boy, Shepherd. I thought it was cool that with all he has going on in his life and family, that he still had the heart to deliver the sermon on Mother's Day. Afterward, Nick and I were talking with him and telling him how we hoped that when the whole family was home together that we could get together and have dinner together - for my Chicken Parmigiana (which is Noah's favorite) and Noah hugged me and told me that my Chicken Parmigiana would be served in heaven! I have to admit, I gave myself a little pat on the back for that one!

I am just chilling out and relaxing now and later on we are going to go out to eat. My family is just awesome and I love them all so, so much. But I want to take a minute to thank some of the amazing women in my life. I have been blessed with not only a wonderful mom, but many second, third, fourth...and on, mom's. These women shaped the person that I am today and in a perfect world, I would be having lunch with all of them today.

To my mom...I just love you. You were an amazing, hard working woman when I was growing up and I knew that you put your role as mother above all else. You always made sure that we were taken care of and no matter how much was going on that was bad (or due to having a dead-beat dad, at times), you never let me see that. You allowed me to make my own conclusions about things and even though it was harder when the blinders came off, I thank you for letting my childhood be innocent. I missed having you around early in my adulthood and I miss not having you close by now, I know that you are only a phone call away. I'm glad that you have finally found some peace and happiness in your life and I love you.

To my wonderful little Grandma...I miss you so much. It was so hard shopping for Mother's Day cards this year and not picking one up for you. I thank you for all of the late night talks, the lunches, the TIME that you spent with me and the boys. You may not be here with us anymore but the memories of our times together will never be forgotten.

For my stepmother, Collette...I so did not appreciate you the way that I should have. I didn't understand you in the beginning and I know that there were many times that I hurt your feelings with my selfishness. For that I am truly sorry. You saved my son's life and were a wonderful grandmother to him. I know that you are on your way to a better place right now and I regret more than anything that I am not there to hold your hand. I do love you and wish that I could be wishing you a Happy Mother's Day in person.

For my mother-in-law, were the most wonderful surprise! Not only did I find the man that I love in your family, but I found you, as well. Your love and friendship have been a blessing to me these last twenty years. I used to love to shop with you and just spend time doing things together. Our time together is what I missed the most when we moved away. I always look forward to coming down to Florida to visit with "Grandma-Do" and I appreciate so very much the way that you love my boys. They never miss an opportunity to say how much they want to see you, too, and not just for the golf cart. I love you and even though we just spoke on the phone, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

To gave me a home when I no longer had one. You opened yours up to me and tried to show me how to grow up and be responsible for my actions. I know that at the time, I took a lot of that for granted. You were a major part of my life and the time that I spent in your home helped make my transition from teen to adult a wonderful thing. I don't think I would have been prepared for what was ahead of me in finding the love of my life had I not learned to stop being a brat. Thank you for all of the honest talks and for taking me for who I was and unselfishly sharing your life with me. Have a blessed Mother's Day.

I know this was a long post for me but I just wanted to reach out to all of the women who so strongly touched my life. There are many, many more and I just want to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Blessed Mother's Day. I encourage all of you to let all of the amazing mom's in your life know how much they mean to you on this day. I hope it's a great one.


A.Marie said...

AWWWW...that is a lovely post. It just about made me cry. I miss my little Grandmother, too, more than words can ever say! Thanks for the great read on Mother's Day! :)

Nani said...

glad you had a great day! Tell Nick he is forgiven for not getting you lunch the other day since he went to church with you. that was sweet!

my Mother's day was interesting - good in some ways - bad in others -my 4 legged boy(dog-Freddie) got out yesterday and we were looking for at 9pm last nite. Noah and I were crying while screaming for him from the car -Hoping he is safe at Wake County animal lost and found - they dont open till 11am. Of course I had a bads nite sleep w/a family member missing.

Laura said...

Glad you had a good Mother's Day!! And, I got a blog now! :)


A.Marie said...

Oh Nani, I don't even know you but I am already praying that you found your 4-legged boy!