Friday, May 22, 2009


I need somebody
Not just anybody
You know I need someone

Okay, so the codeine that I'm taking makes me loopy. We've established that already, right. But loopy or not, you gotta love the Beatles.

But I really do need help. Stop what you are thinking, Michelle and Cathleen!! I need a treadmill. Desperately. We are trying to train for this half marathon and I just can't get in to the groove that I had when I had the treadmill. I'm going crazy! You know how Frank's friend Rob had lent me his and then after the Disney trip I gave it back? Well...I would LOVE to borrow it from him again but he and Frank aren't talking. I'm so desperate that I have contemplated calling the man myself and trying to mend the relationship between the two of them but I just can't make myself interfere.

Stupid Rob.

So if anyone out there has a treadmill that is just sitting in storage (or sitting in your "office" mocking you) please consider lending it out to a poor, pathetic walker who needs to get her butt in gear so that she can do a half marathon and then convince her husband to let her do the Disney half-marathon in 2011.

When I was younger so much younger than today...Sorry, now you'll all have the Beatles on the brain for the rest of the day!

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