Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One more night of sleep...

Many thanks to all of you who were concerned about me and my lack of sleep yesterday. I am happy to report that after a scrumptious dinner of take out Chinese (try the Triple Delight - I highly recommend it!) while in my jammies, I relaxed, watched "Dancing With the Stars" and "How I Met Your Mother" and crashed around ten. I slept solidly for seven whole hours before I had to use the potty. Yet another "40" perk. Yippy! Poor Frank slept on the couch and was a little grumpy himself this morning and probably did not appreciate how bright eyed and all that I was when I woke up.

Oh, well!

Actually, I will get yet another good night's sleep tonight because Frank is out of town. I will miss him - just not while I'm sleeping. Sorry, baby! Nick is working today too and so it will just be me and Michael for dinner. Since we had take-out last night I thought I'd cook tonight - whatever the boy wanted. Now, he is the child with the "cultured" palate and loves to eat all things good and healthy. What did he request tonight?

Hot dogs.

And french fries.

Sure, the ONE TIME I need him to step up and request something like steak, or pork chops stuffed with spinach and feta cheese and he goes all nine-year-old on me! Is there nothing that I can rely on these days??? So I bought myself some sweet potato french fries in hopes of healthifying this meal (I don't really think it's possible) but my boy is excited so how can I be mad?

My stomach may rebel later and take my good night's sleep but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!

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A.Marie said...

Yeah!! I'm glad that you were able to get a lovely night's rest!! That is too funny about the meal your son chose; how did you sleep after eating that? :)