Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's Cardiac Moment....

As I said earlier, I am sick today. I feel a little loopy and just want to sleep. All this medicine is wreaking havoc on me. So I'm bored and playing on the computer and decide to go on to my favorite place, Facebook.

I'm reading and looking and looking and reading and what do I come across but some new pictures of son and his girlfriend. Did I mention that today is their year and a half anniversary? Did you see the Hallmark commercials for it? Anyway, they created a new Facebook album today entitled "Enchanted". My curiosity piqued, I click on it. And what do I see???

Wait for it....

Girlfriend wearing a WEDDING DRESS!!!

Give me a minute while I use my new inhaler...

Yes, a wedding dress. So first I make a comment of "Is there something you want to tell me?" and then refusing to wait for a written response, I call the boy up and ask him that same thing. He laughed. A lot. No, there is nothing that he wants to tell me. They were just joking around.

I guess sense of humor is something else that falls by the wayside when you hit 40. I did not get the humor in it.

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