Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Hate Yardsales...

I know, I know...there are many a Saturday morning warrior reading this and gasping at the thought, but seriously, HATE the yard sale. My house is tiny and once a year we try, TRY, and do a yard sale so that we can declutter. Most of the time they are bitter disappointments. But today?

A bitter, bitter, BITTER, heinous disappointment.

I was up sick half the night and finally fell back to sleep 30 minutes before the alarm went off at 5:30. The boys were each manning their own table of stuff and they were up on time and everyone was cheery and I was feeling hopeful. We live in a busy part of town on a corner lot right next to a small shopping center where there is a diner that is only open for breakfast! I mean, how much sweeter of a location can you get?

Apparently, the middle of the Sahara desert probably saw more traffic than we did today. Collectively, we barely made $20. For this I got up at 5:30??? Now I've still got a tiny house full of stuff that I don't want and yet don't want to take to the Goodwill because I feel like they rip people off. I mean, they get the stuff for FREE, why do they jack up the prices so much??

Okay, now I have to admit, I went in to this half-heartedly. I didn't post signs all over town because it was supposed to storm last night. I DID, however, advertise on Craigslist. Stupid Craigslist.

So right now I'm tired, I'm cranky, my cut of the profits was only $10 and that is five hours of my life that I'll never get back! The highlight of the whole thing, though, was Michael. There he was with his little table full of Happy Meal toys and what-not that he was selling for .25 cents each and we had made a sign. Well, he stood on the corner smiling and waving to people, pointing at our house and let me just say that the senior citizens went WILD for him. We had at least a dozen cars stop mainly because of him! Some even gave him a quarter but took nothing! That had Nick's head ready to explode, but that's a story for another time.

I'm going to nap now. Nighty-night.

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A.Marie said...

Hey...Can I hire your son to do advertising for me? If he could bring in the senior population, I would make a killing in my town! :) I'm proud of him; he is the most awesome-est "smile and wave boys, smile and wave" kid out there!! :))

Hope you got a better night's sleep last night and have an AWESOME Mothers Day!! I'll check in on you later. I am hoping that hubby makes me some breakfast...or, at the very least, COFFEE!