Saturday, May 30, 2009

I feel pretty...oh, so pretty...

Let's just say that if this is how I am after only two days of unemployment, we're all in trouble!

Today I was scanning through Woman's World magazine and found a little teeny-tiny blurb that said "Hot Website: To Perfect your portraits!" Instantly intrigued, I got on line and went to it. Basically it is a free website where you can upload portraits of yourself and they enhance them - fix your makeup, your complexion - you can make any photo of yourself more glamorous by adding makeup, whitening teeth, removing red eye, and more!

I'm telling you, I uploaded three pictures so far and after looking at them I was feeling all kinds of sassy! Check it out at If nothing else, it's a good way to kill some time!

1 comment:

A.Marie said...

Too Funny! Well, at least it was free, right?!

Anyway, nothing like a makeover, even if it is enhanced by a computer, to make a gal feel great! :)

I've been reading your posts, and am feeling for you. I would just hate it if the little shop where I volunteer would close. I love that store! Anyway, I've been thinking about you...:):)