Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Youth is no Longer a Youth...

What the...?

Okay, so tonight Nick went back to youth group for the first time in a very, very long time. After the whole "circle" thing last year, youth group sort of disbanded and just recently started up again. Last week he and Beckah were all set to go back until one of their old group texted to say that the whole gang would be there (aka-the circle). So, not wanting to get caught up in all that nonsense again, they decided not to go.

When Nick came to church with me on Sunday, he saw the youth pastor and talked with him and he encouraged Nick to come back to youth group and made it abundantly clear that any members of "the circle" (believe me, I get tired of writing that) were not going to feel welcome in this new era because they were not going to be allowed to rule the roost, so to speak.

So tonight my boy went to youth group. And tonight my boy decided to never go back again. Why? No, there were no old issues there to deal with. And no, no one there made him feel un-welcome. The truth of the matter is that my 17 year old boy, is really no longer a "youth". Most of the kids there were 11-13 years old - an age where fart jokes and talking about your underwear is still hysterical. He was majorly uncomfortable and was calling me on the phone to make sure that I was ON MY WAY to get him and get him out of there!

While I completely understood why this setting held no appeal to him, it kind of made me sad. I mean, I remember when he was the 11-13 year old who thought saying the word "underwear" was just flat-out funny! Now he's too mature for such things. No respectable 17 year old would tell a fart joke! Please!


I'm getting old but I still think it's funny to watch kids joke about the word "underwear". Hee-hee....

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