Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Smile and Wave, Boys...Smile and Wave..."

Remember yesterday's post about my son NOT going and getting lunch for me? Yes, yes, I KNOW that I had packed a lunch but I did not WANT that one...but I digress...

Today I am at work and Neil (the guitar teacher) had a break between classes and I asked him if he had eaten lunch. Just making conversation. He said he had and then asked me the same and lo and behold, I had NOT packed a lunch today. I stopped for a bagel on the way in and thought it would hold me over until 2.

It did not.

So Neil, my red-headed-now-favorite-person, went and got me McDonald's. Yes, the boy who is NOT my child, went and got me lunch.


It was totally fattening, totally greasy, totally salty and the coke was WAY fizzy (just like I like it). Life was good. Then I got home tonight and the boys asked what was for dinner. Frank is working out of town and was not going to be home for dinner and I had taken out some very large pork chops to make. They both claimed that they were not in the mood for pork chops and would PREFER McDonald's. Nick even went so far as to give me five bucks towards it.

So I smiled.

I waved.

I kept the five bucks.

And made pork chops for dinner!

And they were fabulous!

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A.Marie said...

WOO-HOO!!! You are the WOMAN!!! I just knew could do and wave...hahahaha...did you do the cheesy-grin! :)

I was gone most of the day yesterday, and didn't get onto bloggy world until this a.m. I was laughing all the way through your post. I am going to do this all and wave, smile and wave! And, I'll think of you! HAHA! :)