Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Musings....

You know what's even better than taking Codeine? Waking up at 4 a.m and taking some Advil PM. I was in a coma until around noon. It was nice.

Once I got mobile, I've sort of been on the go getting things done. I took care of things around the house, made lunch, made my Sunday phone calls, etc. Then we headed in to Raleigh where I hit Archivers and Frank and Michael hit the music stores. Frank is getting a new drum for Father's Day and he had to go and order it. But lo and behold, no one seemed to know WHAT he was talking about in TWO SEPARATE STORES!!! What in the world? Michael has decided that he wants to be a drummer too and he hung around trying out the electronic drum kits. Fun for him.

Once home, I started dinner, started a new scrapbook, we ate and then the men went to go and see "Star Trek". SO....not my thing. They were excited and I was excited to have everyone out of the house for a few hours. I'm scrapping, I'm cleaning, I'm blogging...I'm a little ADD, I think.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to my friend Dot who has graciously stepped forward and is lending me her treadmill. YIPPEE!!!! We are going to pick it up tomorrow and I cannot wait for my first walk. Actually, I am just as excited about getting out my rockin' walking CD's that I had made last year filled with all kinds of 80's disco.

Oh, I WILL survive....


A.Marie said...

Hello There!! I am such a bad bloggy friend; I have been MIA since my sis came here from Ohio (on Friday) and while I have been basically ignoring everyone, you have been sick and in need of bloggy support!! I am back, and I am giving you lots of love and hugs via bloggy world!! :):)

That wedding dress post cracked me up...I would have probably not needed the inhaler, because I would have dropped over dead! LOL

I am going to try your Tylenol PM trick the next time I want to be in comaland; that really sounds lovely, as I had a restless night last night, and I had to get up at 4:45 AM!!

I am excited to find a bloggy pal that likes to scrapbook!! Where do you get your supplies?? I love to do scrapping, and, like you, I think I am ADD! LOL! :):)

A.Marie said...

Come by and visit my blog! I left you an award!! :)