Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Last Rant...

Yes, yes, the bookstore is closed and I'm out of a job and I am very sad. But now that a couple of days have passed I just need to get some things off of my chest so that I can move on...

First off, I was SHOCKED by some of the behavior these last weeks. Everyone is looking for a deal and I get that. I enjoy a good deal too and there were even some things that I purchased that I did not feel good about - especially knowing that the store was taking a loss on them. I don't begrudge anyone that, what I have a problem with is when someone is already getting 50%, 75% or even at the end 90% off of something and they are still looking for something more, FOR FREE. I mean, why not just rip the shirts off of our backs.

On the day before the last day, we had a lot of candy left on the shelves. One of the students who had class that day came up to the desk to get a candy bar. I did a BOGO deal for him. When his mom came to pick him up, she too, was looking for a BOGO deal but really just wanted the free portion. She wanted to pay the eighty cents but get an entire box of candy for free. When I would not budge on giving her the box, she left. Then came BACK on the last day AGAIN looking for the free candy! I was like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" By that point, we had already divvied up the candy amongst ourselves and sure, we could've sold her some but just the fact that you show up on our last day and try to strip of us of what little we had left was just bad manners.

Then there was the teacher who waited until the very end to pay her rent and whined because her receipt wasn't as itemized as it usually was. REALLY? I was out picking up lunch and so the boss was ringing her up and this woman KNEW it was the boss and how it was the last day and these poor people were losing their business and she wanted to WHINE about how itemized her receipt was? Again, very bad manners.

I guess what upset me the most was the lack of support for my friend. I had students bring me gifts and had people call to offer to bring me lunch but no one did that for Michelle. Only two people actually went out of their way that day to stop in to say goodbye to her. I really felt bad about that. I know she said that it was okay and she kind of preferred not having to have a big emotional goodbye repeated all day long, but it would have been nice if more than two people showed up.

I even had someone e-mail me personally about a store question. Normally I wouldn't care but this person has made a habit lately out of trash talking me (to the extent of having one of her neighbor's pulled out of my class) and the store and the teachers and then expects me to want to give her anything? I don't think she KNOWS what manners even are.

So I'm done. I've ranted all that I will. It feels good to get it off of my chest.

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