Friday, June 6, 2008

Where? Nowhere

Week four on the treadmill. My pace is up, my time on the mill is up but according to some research, the treadmill is getting me nowhere. No kidding. I shared this information with friend (and co-dieter) and she thought it was hysterical. "Well, of course you're getting nowhere, you're on a treadmill!" Ha, ha, very funny. I get it. I'm in my room, not going anywhere. BUT...according to this research the treadmill is an okay workout but it will not help me achieve my long-term weight loss goals.


So you mean I am sweating my patooty off for nothing? And I have to be honest, I disagree with this so-called 'research'. While I am walking, I may physically BE in my room - which, by the by, I thank God every day that my husband finally painted the room before I started this endeavor - but in my mind, I am in different places throughout the workout.

I told you all about my disco-assortment, so when I'm 2.8ing it along to "I Say a Little Prayer", I can actually see myself singing it with my friends (and yes, we're in the restaurant scene from "My Best Friends Wedding"). At the 3.0 level of "Dancing on the Ceiling", I am back at SUNY Westbury in a kickline competition back in 1987. "New Attitude" at 3.2 also has me at SUNY but back in 1986 - and yes, I looked hot in my red and white uniform with pom-poms on my shoes. By the time I am up to 3.5 and "It's My Life" is rocking, no, I'm not making out with Jon Bon Jovi but I am in a gym practicing my boxing moves. A picture of whoever has annoyed me in the last day or so is usually on my invisible punching bag. This is a HUGE stress reliever. So, how can I be getting nowhere? It's just not possible!

Tomorrow morning when I throw on my sneakers and start up my treadmill, I will be celebrating the small victory of losing 6 pounds in 3 weeks and several inches total body. I will also applaud the fact that I am not sucking wind anymore until I am WAY into my workout. I may never leave the freshly-painted four walls of my bedroom, but luckily I have an active imagination and each morning finds me bee-bopping not only around the country but also time traveling.

Getting nowhere? I beg to differ.

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Scribbit said...

Oh creative--love your take on the theme! And I'm an Amazing Race fan too--looking at your sidebar.

Daisy said...

You are definitely going somewhere! I love your attitude.