Thursday, June 5, 2008


I suck at math. Always have, always will. Dieting is nothing but one long math problem that never seems to end. I stared this diet at the awful number of 168. I had 125 days to lose 25 pounds. I have to burn or eliminate 3500 calories a week to lose 1 pound. I walk (now) for 45 minutes a day to burn around 400 calories, even at 7 days a week I am only burning 2800 calories through the walking. That leaves me to eliminate a minimum of 700 calories to lose that 1 stinking pound. I am awake an average of 17 hours a day where I am supposed to eat only 1800 calories in order to lose weight. My breakfast bar has 120 calories, my lunch (the frozen variety) tends to consist of around 230 calories. My fat-free pudding has 90 calories. Dinner has too many calories to figure out! I mean, I don't have a scale so I am unsure if I am eating 4 oz. of meat or not. I do measure my 1/2 cup of rice/pasta/side dish and I load up on the veggies. Does the fact that I no longer drink 300 calories a day in soda still count even though I cut that out more than 3 weeks ago?

Since the beginning of this adventure (some 24 days ago), I have lost 6 pounds (I'm now 163) and 4 inches off of my total body. I listen to an average of 10 songs on my CD player while walking. I now have 4 CD's to chose from - I'm incredibly fickle with my disco in the morning. I walk at 2.8 mph for the first song, increase to 3.0 mph for one sone, increase to 3.2 for one song, then do 3.4 for atleast 2 songs. Now I'm up to 3.5 for atleast 2 songs and then go down the scale again until my 10 songs are done. I then drink 2 glasses of water to make a dent in my 8 daily glasses of water. I curse atleat 5 times throughout the day as I run to the bathroom to pee!

Numbers, numbers, everywhere!

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