Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Disney Diet - Day 31 (and a dilema)

Okay, I'm out of the funk that I was in on the last two Disney Diet posts. I've got my groove back and am feeling good. Eating less is becoming easier - I even had McDonald's for lunch today and was able to eat less of it and still be satisfied. I spoke on the phone TWICE while on the treadmill and was able to maintain a conversation without gasping for air. Yea, me! I didn't get on the scale this week yet; I don't know why.

So here's my dilema. The weight is coming off slowly, as I've mentioned before. I was feeling okay about that. But now with the possibility of going up to NY next month and seeing all of the people who have given me my poor body image complex, I want to push the numbers a bit and am unsure how. Maybe by not eating McDonald's - who knows! My ideal goal would be to lose 10 pounds in the next 36 days. Is that reasonable? I don't know. Is it doable? Sure, maybe in the bizzaro world. I am unwilling to do the starvation thing. I am not really doing all of this for THEM, I am doing this really for me and my own peace of mind. To know that I can be with these people and feel good about me. Somewhere there's a therapist just waiting to get me on the couch! I guess it can be viewed both ways. I'm doing this for them so that they will look at me different which, in essence, is also for me so that they will not look at me and tell me how fat I am! How strange is that that I even have to do all of this! It's madness, I tell you!

So I walked 70 minutes on the treadmill today. I bought little, tiny 2 pound weights that I used for a portion of the walk. I even added a small incline for a little while (and boy was THAT hard!). I'm mixing it up, trying to work the total body. Who knows, maybe it is not my destiny to be thin. I hope that's not the case. I'm seriously not looking to be a size 5 again, but to be and 8 or a 10 would be very nice.

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