Monday, June 30, 2008

My Disney Diet - Day 49

While I was busy tripping, slipping and falling all over nature this weekend, I did not have the opportunity to focus on my diet goal. Since we did not want to totally USE the house, I had to pack food that would cause the least amount of mess - that meant burgers and hot dogs. Gone were my lo-cal/lo-fat snacks and in their place was family-friendly snacks. That's not to say that I made a pig of myself, but I definitely was not on my game.

For example, on Saturday I started my day at a scrapbooking event and had my yummy little Bagelful (whole grain). It went down-hill right after that. I was crampy and all full of menstral angst and when the box of thin mints came out, well, I couldn't help myself. I had the suggested serving of 4. Then we ordered lunch from Chic Fil-A. I didn't want a salad, I was craving something naughty, so I caved and ate the FRIED chic fil a sandwich with coleslaw. But I drank my water. And then ate 4 more thin mints. Bad Stace! When we got to the lake, we grilled burgers (with 93% lean meat) and I had myself a rather tasty cheeseburger and some corn. Clearly nutrition of any kind was not a priority. I had dessert - 2 Grandma's chocolate chip cookies. Did I mention that I had my period?

Sunday wasn't much better. I did the bagelful for breakfast again, lunch was 2 hotdogs with saurkraut and mustard, 2 more Grandma's cookies for an afternoon snack and then chinese take out for dinner WITH the fried rice! I'm not proud, people. True all the running up and down those three flights of stairs gave me a heck of a workout (my calves STILL hurt). And did I mention that I drank soda all weekend? What is up with that??? It's like I don't even HAVE a goal that I am trying to meet and that I actually WANT to be the fat sister! Remember that show "Fat Actress"? Well, we can all work on the sequel - "Fat Sister" starring me.

Today I am back in the swing of things. I ate like a normal person who is trying to lose weigh, I walked 60 minutes on the treadmill (20 minutes of it on an incline) and did 30 minutes sculping with my little hand weights. There was no soda in my hands today and I was back to taking my supplements. It's day four of my cycle and by day six I should be able to get back on the scale without screaming.

We'll see. Think thin, y'all!

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