Friday, June 13, 2008

Back Where They Belong

I am watching a fabulous scene right now. I am watching my 16 year old and his oldest friend sit and watch TV with my 8 year old nearby. This is a scene that just makes me smile. Nick and Alex have known each other since the age of 5. They were almost inseperable until the age of around 14 when Alex got a girlfriend and Nick became a jerk who could not tolerate this girl horning in on his friendship.

For two years I had to sit back and watch new friends come in to my home but none of them measured up to our beloved Alex. He truly is an exceptional boy and except for his lack of judgement during his relationship with this girl (he gave up much to please her every whim), we have never found a fault with him. He was the measuring stick by which all Nick's friends were measured (and NONE of them came close). In the last couple of months, the boys have re-aquainted themselves and it is like stepping back in time. Today, we went to the game store and bought a video game that they used to play when they were 8. They played this game today for hours and just laughed like two loons. It was a joy to watch.

It's always good to have friends. It's good to surround yourself with many different kinds of people. But it is a true gift to have a best friend who - no matter how much time passes - you can still just sit down and be silly with. I am thankful that my son has received such a gift.

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