Friday, June 27, 2008

My Disney Diet - Day 46

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had an egg mcmuffin for breakfast, two peanut butter cups for lunch and a small chocolate blizzard with oreos for a mid-afternoon snack. Can you guess what time of the month it is? Dang, and I was doing so well with the eating right up until then! I feel like a blimp today and although I know it is only temporary, it is still hard to keep up the momentum when you feel like there is a vice grip on your uterus AND you want to eat Hostess cupcakes for breakfast. Luckily, there are none in the house.

But up until yesterday, things were cruising along beautifully. I have to kick my workout up a notch because I have hit a plateau. I can do the time on the treadmill without huffing and puffing - the heart rate isn't going up like it used to and so now I am comfortable and that will not help me achieve my goal. Darn it. Comfortable it so good! My music works to this particular pace/speed of my walking. Now I'll have to make ANOTHER disco CD! I'm running low on new and fun dance music that isn't offensive. So I will search.

I am burning an average of 700 calories a day in walking - that is way up from the 250-300 calories a day that I was doing in the beginning. There are 80 days left until the trip and I have around 13 pounds to go. It sounds simple but it's not. I would love to squeeze through the crowds coming through the castle in the morning without feeling like I AM the crowd. Or, oh, how I long to hop on the monorail and say "Oh, I think I'll stand" because I am not so exhausted that I NEED to sit. Or to look at my sister and say "I'll race you to Expedition Everest" and not pass out before I even get on the scary ride. They are small and petty goals, but that's okay.

I wish all of you a very Disney Day and remember...think thin!

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