Monday, June 9, 2008

My Disney Diet - Day 28

Day 28. Twenty-eight days. Four weeks. Sigh. In my fantasy diet life, I would be down 28 pounds by now and would have WON a trip to Disney for my efforts.

Stupid real life.

But seriously, I'm at day 28 and while the numbers are dropping slowly, I am noticing some changes in me and my eating habits. For example, two double-stuff oreo's equal a serving. By eating just these two cookies I A.) Do not get heartburn and B.) I am satisfied. In my old eating habits, it would have taken 6 or 8 cookies to satisfy me and they would have had to have been washed down with a tall glass of milk. In my cooking I have learned that not everything needs to be sauteed in butter. True, it is yummier that way, but I have gotten creative with my seasonings and I am still enjoying my meals. Huh. I have come to realize that drinking soda does not really quench my thirst. But oh, does it taste good going down. Mmm...

So how is this preparing me for my trip? Okay, we've established that I do not have to drink so much soda while roaming the parks. This saves me money and keeps me better hydrated. Yea! I am learning that I do not have to eat SO much to satisfy my appetite - this too, will help my wallet on the trip. We are on the dining plan but now appetizers are not included. This was causing me great distress because I am a huge fan of all-things-appetizers. Now I can look at the great selection of entrees that are offered and not be looking longingly for more. Go Stace! And finally, I will not have to massacre the chilled-butter Mickey that some of the restaurants are famous for. I can let him sit and watch us eat, slowly melting at his own pace without me carving in to him to slather on to my dinner roll. Ha!

I don't get on the scale again until Wednesday. I don't feel a whole lot of difference but I think that this is like I had said in an earlier post - this point in the diet is like that 13 minute hump I had to get over on the treadmill. It takes time. I am learning to eat better and make smarter choices. All in all, I'm okay.

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