Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Case of the Forgotten Grandchild

So I'm at work today and at around 10:45 my cell phone rings. Normally the only person who calls me on my cell at this time of day is my loving husband calling to either A.) complain that he has a headache and just needs me to talk to him until it goes away or B.) Just to say he loves me.


But to my surprise, it was my dad! I didn't even realize that he KNEW my cell phone number! But that's not the point. I look at his name on the screen and have a slight panic attack because being that he never calls on the cell phone - or during the week for that matter - this cannot be good news. I have a customer at the desk and I ask her to excuse me for a moment while I take the call. "Stace!" he beams. "Did I give you Anthony's legos?" Huh, not bad news at all, just bizarre. "Yes, you did," I tell him. "Nine years ago." "Is he done with them?" he asks. "Why?" I want to know, still thinking that this is a strange question; what 16-year old still plays with Legos? "Kyla wants them. She loves legos and I figured if Nick was done with them, you could send them down. Or did I give them to Justin?" Justin being the first born/Messiah of the grandchildren. So many thoughts were running through my brain. First, isn't four years old a little young for Legos? Secondly, is he that cheap that he just can't go out and BUY the kid some new Legos? How many recycle cycles should a batch of Legos get? Thirdly, I didn't realize that girls even played with Legos. And finally, did he COMPLETELY forget that he has another grandchild - Michael - whom he purchased 14 different Lego sets for for Christmas?? I mean, I realize that Christmas was almost 6 months ago, but he has been buying Michael Legos for years! Again, I realize that maybe because Michael is the third grandchild and NOT a girl, that he may be easy to overlook - if you're senile. I'm offended for my child on so many levels, it's not even funny. So I inform him of this information and remind him of all the Lego kits that he just bought the child and how he loves them so. His response, "Oh."

Absence making the heart grow fonder clearly does not apply in this scenario.

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