Monday, June 23, 2008

Evil Triumphs Once Again

Personally, I am tired of icky people getting away with things that decent people would be punished for. Again, I know that God says that vengeance is His, but...well, you know my feelings on that one.

The icky person in question is my sister's boyfriend. He did not get kicked out of school or have anything bad happen to him for blowing off his shift at the hospital for a weekend away. Would you seriously want this guy to treat you? I know I wouldn't.

Another icky person in action today is my now ex-stepfather. When my mom left him he refused to let her take most of her possessions - even though she had a police escort. As they battled things out in court over who got what and all that nonsense, he told the court that he threw away all of her belongings. Now, I'm not just talking about clothes, pictures, and that sort of stuff (although they were included), I'm talking about personal items such as jewelry from her grandmother and letters from her father who passed away when she was 18...I mean, what kind of a sick person does that? (Insert picture of crazy ex-stepfather here). A few days after the divorce was granted, this man calls my mother up and says that he'll SELL her her belongings! Now the common person's first response is that this man CLEARLY perjured himself on the stand - but there were no witnesses to him comment. So mom decides to talk to him and see what he'd sell her and for how much. He wants all of the jewelry back that he gave her over their 20-year relationship. Personally, I'd hand it all over in a second and be rid of the jerk - well, unless I sold it all already and treated myself to something pretty.

These are the kind of sick, icky people that float around in the perimeter of my life. I thank God everyday that I don't have to be around them. It makes me sick that these people get away with bad behavior, abusing the systems and get to walk away free and clear.

No conscience.

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