Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hunger Strikes - My Disney Diet Day 36

And by hunger strikes I don't mean "I vow not to eat until blah, blah, blah". No, I mean more like I am hungry again all the daggone time! What is up with that? This whole past weekend was one big attempt to NOT eat everything in sight. I don't like this feeling. It stinks.

The weird thing is that I have maintained the 8 pound weight loss (even with the over-eating this weekend) but all of my clothes still fit exactly the same. The reason? Puffiness. Bloating. All-around ickiness. I did some research on this subject and apparently a small percentage of women have trouble digesting some of the ingredients in sugar-free/fat-free foods! Why not put a bullet in my big fat stomach right now because apparently even eating right is not going to make that sucker go away! Being the queen of all-things-weird-illnesses, you KNOW that I had to fit in to that category. It is just not fair! NO FAIR!

But I am trudging on. On Sunday, I ate like a normal person. Well, with the exception of that brownie for lunch, I ate like a normal person. I did eat a single Suzi Q that night BUT I washed it down with SKIM milk. Ha! Yesterday was weird. I ate my normal breakfast (A whole grain Bagelful. Only 180 calories. Yummy). To celebrate Nick getting his permit, we got Chinese for lunch. I stuck to my old Weight Watchers thinking and got the chicken with broccoli and white rice. And yes, I ate it all. I even caved and had a can of coke. Dinner was an absolute disaster. Keep in mind, I don't do pasta. It never makes me feel good and I never crave it, but the family loves it. Well, last night I ate a rather full plate of spaghetti with a large piece of garlic bread and a spinach salad. Do you see the madness? To compensate for it all, I did exercise a lot yesterday. I did a 50 minute walk in the morning (burned 525 calories), did a 28-minute workout to my Power 90 DVD (bured around 100 calories) and then after the spaghetti-paloooza, I walked for another 50 minutes (higher intensity, burned 550 calories). So I did TRY to make up for all that I ate yesterday. I still feel puffy today.

So what am I learning for my Disney trip? A.) Stay away from the pasta. Pasta equals puffiness and we don't like puffy. B.) Suzi Q's are not my friend. Stay away from the cakes (no matter how yummy they are or how cute they are shaped like a Disney character). And finally, C.) Just because it's sugar free, doesn't make it your friend either. Eat what you normally like, just in much smaller quantities.

Words to live by, ladies.

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