Thursday, July 3, 2008

And then there was moshing...

On Monday, Nick and friends went to a Christian metal concert called "Scream the Prayer". We were a little reluctant about letting him go because Christian metal - although Christian - still involves metal fans who can be rather obnoxious. The boy had been counting down the days until the big event and even after I got over the whole 'metal' aspect of the event, this would also be the first event that he would go to with friends only - no adults. He has an 18 year old friend who was doing the driving and yes, this was cause for great anxiety for me.

Well, Monday came and the boy was just bursting at the seams. He could not wait to get to the show. There were 11 Christian bands playing and all I could imagine was that this was going to go well in to the wee hours of the morning. But to my surprise, he was home BEFORE 11 pm! I was shocked. The boy who walked through the door was literally glowing. "So how was it?" I casually asked - sensing that he was ready to explode. "It was AWESOME!" he replied and then went in to some fast-forward speed talking mode where I literally lived all 7 hours of the concert in 10 minutes. Wild. He met all of his favorite bands, he got autographs, he got pictures and most importantly, he prayed with them. This is a far cry from the metal concerts of my youth - Whitesnake, Poison, Kiss, Def Leppard - to name a few. I never got within 100 FEET of these bands let alone had the chance to hang out with them! I am thrilled for him. I mean, we were nervous about letting him go and God is so good that He made this a once in a lifetime opportunity for Nick. He will dine on the stories of this festival for a long, long time. His MySpace page is filled with the pictures.

I still find it hard to believe that Christian music can involve all of the obnoxious guitar playing and the screaming but hey, they're screaming for Jesus!

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