Friday, December 5, 2008

Side Rant...

While I was at work yesterday, someone stopped by the house when Nick was here hanging out with a friend. He will not tell me who stopped by, he just said "one of your friends came over" and would not elaborate.

Let me just say this so that I can get it off of my chest: We have gone through a lot with my eldest child. He knows it, I know it, most of my friends know it. If you are a close friend, you know how I feel on this subject. Do NOT attack my child to me OR to him. I am fully aware of the clothes that he wears. I am also fully aware of the music that he listens to. Do NOT come in to MY home and attack my child for ANYTHING!

The next time you want to "correct" him for something that you don't like, I would encourage you to stop and count to ten and ask yourself how you would feel if I were to do the same to YOUR child. I am so tired of parents behaving badly. He was in his own home and you dare lay in to him about the music that he is listening to? He was in his OWN HOME, not yours, and he was with a friend. How dare you embarrass him like that!

It was bad enough when his peers were driving him in to a depression so deep that we feared what he was going to do to himself but you as an adult should know better. Shame on YOU for the words you spoke. I don't care if you thought you were being helpful or funny or whatever, it hurt him, and I can only pray that your child never has to be put in that position.

There. Now I feel better and I can move on.

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