Saturday, December 6, 2008

And now we're fine!

Blogging is great for many, many reasons. One, I love to write and this gives me my creative outlet to do something that I enjoy. Two, I get to vent when there is no one around to vent to - or if I'm in just too vile of a mood to speak in decent, human tones.

Yesterday's side rant was one of those times. I was in a foul mood and needed to vent and writing it out really helped me to get out what was raging inside of me. The down side to that, kind of, is that the person who really needed to hear my rant read my blog. This is a double-edged sword. Yes, this person needed to know how her actions affected my child (and I've written on that topic before) but then came the awkward part when that person actually did show up here to apologize. It was not who I was expecting and she was so heart-broken that she had been the one to cause my son pain that it very nearly had me crying, as well. She asked my forgiveness and I gave it whole-heatedly. She asked Nick's forgiveness and he did the same. What all of this turned out to be was truly a misunderstanding. There was no malicious intent on anyone's part, but as I explained to her while we were chatting, as the "mama bear" in the situation, it is not easy to think beyond the immediate 'someone hurt my child' reaction.

So, if you have a uterus that you ever utilized to create, nurture and give life to another human being (or even if you haven't), I'm sure you understand my need to inflict some pain. I am glad to say that everyone has hugged, kissed, laughed and made up. Life is good again.


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