Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm going to have some fun with this...

I know this isn't really a "funny" thing, but for right now it is. Back a couple of weeks ago when I was sick with the whole head-cold thing, I lost my voice. Every day for three days my husband would ask me to repeat myself because he couldn't hear me. Well, DUH! I had NO VOICE! Of course he couldn't hear me!

Since that time, I've noticed that he is asking us to repeat ourselves more, the volume on the TV is a bit louder, etc. Well, yesterday we were at the DMV to renew our licenses and when it was his turn, he asked that poor DMV officer to repeat EVERYTHING. I mean, EVERYTHING. Now, I was sitting across the room and I heard everything that man asked of him and yet sitting 8 inches apart, Frank could not. So when we left there and were walking across the parking lot, I mentioned this fact to him and he agreed with me - he is finding it harder to hear some things. It's no wonder when he's playing with the band and banging those drums in a small area with no ear protection!

What I find humerous in all of this is that I am reminded of an episode of "The Nanny". Remember that show with Fran Drescher? Well, in one particular episode, Mr. Sheffield is suffering from the same problem - but only in one ear. He was in denial of having any problems with his hearing. So she (the nanny) would start a conversation with him while standing on the side of his good ear and then walk behind him to the bad ear side and talk all kinds of gibberish (things like the theme from "Flipper") and then conclude back on the side of his good ear. This way he would hear the beginning and end of a conversation, but the information that he was actually waiting for would be lost because he couldn't hear it. It really was funny. I keep wanting to try this out on Frank but it doesn't seem to be a one side is good/one side is bad issue.

Today we went to lunch with Nick to Applebee's (compliments of a gift card from a wonderful friend). I took out my cell phone to see what time it was and Nick was like "There's a clock right behind you." So I told him that I couldn't turn around because of my hurt back.

Frank looked at us both and said "Who have you not heard back from?"

"His name is Flipper, flipper..." I'm going to have a lot of fun with this.

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