Monday, December 15, 2008

A Friendly Top 10...

So I'm at work today and was talking to my friend Cathleen - as we do every Monday morning - and she kind of hinted at the fact that I do not portray her in the most flattering of ways here on the blog. We've known each other for around 3 years now and we have a very funny, sarcastic relationship (as I do with most people) and I love her dearly. In one of my recent posts, I implied that she would be making snarky comments about me and my "mental" health status. I thought I was being funny and I know she laughed to but today, TODAY, I am dedicating my blog to my pal and the top 10 reasons why I love her...

10. You always find time to come in and visit with me at work even when you have errands to run.

9. You bring me Chinese food whenever I am stressed.

8. You allow me to put your children to work when I need a hand.

7. You share my love of scapbooking and have UNSELFISHLY shared 'some' of your really cool paper.

6. You are always up for a girls night out when I need it most.

5. You find the funniest flairs to send me that always make me smile.

4. I know that I can truly be ME when we are hanging out.

3. You didn't spit in my drink at that Pampered Chef party.

2. Size really doesn't matter in this friendship. (What?? I'm short and you're not! What were YOU thinking?)

1. You accept me for the math loser that I am and love me anyway!!

You rock, my favorite math nerd!! Thanks for being my friend!

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Anonymous said...

That was a very nice thing to do for my Mrs. You are a lovely and kind Christian lady.

--Steve B