Monday, December 8, 2008

Clearly, we're not in the 80's anymore...

So I'm winding down from my birthday week finally. For all of the trauma that it threatened, it was a great birthday with tons of fun and laughter. Something funny did happen the night of the party that I did not mention in the last post - proof that I am well and truly 40. When we left the house to go to the party I realized that I no longer can MOVE in a denim mini skirt! I nearly broke a hip trying to get in to my car! I mean, I'm talking PAIN! The rest of the night, when I had to get in to the car, I BACKED in to it. How sad is that???


Other forms of reality have hit recently, too. This goes along with my Facebook obsession. Again, if you have a Facebook, and you're an adult, I'm sure you've gone searching for your youth...I mean, the friends from your youth. I have met up with friends from high school and middle school. Now, reunions are fun for the fact that it is just plain entertaining to see who got fat, who lost their hair and who basically let themselves go. I mean, that's just good, clean fun. Unless you are the one who had all of that happen to them. Facebook has made all of that possible without having to leave the comfort of your own home - no little black dress to buy, no expensive travelling to hang out with people that you swore you'd never want to see again. It's a beautiful thing.

So in my quest for finding old friends, this is what I do: First, search the name. When I find one, I request them and when they accept, I search their friend list for more people that I know. This has worked out great and I have been having a ball with it. So far, I had not been truly horrified by anything that I've seen.

Until this weekend.

Linda, if you are reading this, CALL ME. I found two such cases this weekend of guys who we all thought were "hotties" in high school and when I saw their current photos, honestly, a little bit of throw up came up. I know, I know, that's mean but so is putting a photo up of yourself when you know you look that bad! There should be rules here! If you have morphed to troll-status since high school, for the love of it, keep it to yourself! Don't inflict it on the rest of us!

I'm in a very snarky mood tonight so forgive me but this is just something that needs to be said.

Anyway, the lesson learned here is that sometimes it is well and truly better to leave the past in the past. Look upon those times with fondness. Laugh at the memories and smile at the old photos. Just remember, life is NOT always pretty and sometimes there is a Facebook profile picture out there to prove it.



NCLighthousekeeper said... brutal!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, it is I...Linda...I shall call you this weekend as the suspense is killing SO bring out the juvenile in me..