Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Party's Over...

I leave festive decorations up for way too long. There have been times that my home has just had a sad-yet-festive look of a party long gone. My Christmas tree stays up in to January. Valentine flowers stay in their vase until they are nearly black and the vase looks moldy. I don't know why I can't let the good times end, but I think I've found a cure for it - or rather, it found me.

On the day of my birthday, the bookstore was decorated with a whole bunch of snarky reminders of my age - two of which were these mylar/helium balloons. One said "over the hill" the other read "you're 40". Thank you friends. Anyway, I took those home with me the day after my birthday and they have been floating in the corner of my bedroom ever since, still totally inflated. Two days ago I woke up to find the "Over the Hill" balloon floating over my bed. Hhmmm...that was new. So I took it and put it back in the corner with its little friend. Later that day I found that same balloon just moving about the bedroom. Now you'd think that I would just deflate the darn thing and be done with it. But I can't! It's an illness, I don't know why!!

Last night I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. The bedroom and the hallway was dark but I made it there without crashing in to anything. On the return trip, however, I was hit in the face with that stupid balloon!! I mean, does this thing have me on radar or something? Does it feel the need to keep reminding me that I am, indeed "OVER THE HILL"???? This morning when I got up and walked out in to the living room to help my son get ready for school, guess what followed me out? Yep, you guessed it, the balloon!!

You know, I thought it was kind of nice of me to not stab the thing to death after the birthday celebration but clearly this is a very ungrateful balloon. I will be taking out all of my anger and frustration out on it later today.

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