Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let your inner-idiot come on out and play!

I had a very old and dear friend leave a comment on one of my posts tonight. She said how I bring out the juvenile in her and that just made me smile.

When was the last time you let that inner idiot...I mean, juvenile come out and play? When you are around teenagers as much as I am, it happens pretty frequently. Today at work I had a discussion with one teen where I was sharing the stories of my birthday party and how I had honestly felt that I looked like I did at my prom and how I refused to look at myself in the mirror until I had finger-combed through the mass of curling iron curls so I could surprise myself. He thought that was hilarious. That led to a 5 minute comedy routine of how I randomly surprise myself and talk to myself in the mirror with pep talks of "You're fabulous/no you're fabulous" one-way conversations. I don't really do that but I let him believe that and the boy was practically rolling on the floor. It was kind of funny.

I give talks at our homeschool meetings or the local MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) meetings once a year on taking care of you. It always amazes me how we, as moms, don't make a lot of time for ourselves. I usually talk about the importance of getting out with friends, doing things that YOU enjoy doing, making sure that you get some alone time, pampering yourself, etc. But now I think I may have to add the inner-idiot thing because doing so can really make you feel a lot better and it relieves a lot of stress and tension from your body because you normally end up laughing like, well, an idiot! The last time I gave that talk it was to a room full of women (and one man) where I was dressed in red silk pajama pants, a black cami, a black hoodie (unzipped), my hair up like Pebbles Flinstone and red fuzzy slippers. Now that was my inner idiot just running amok. And note to self - skinny little teenage girls can pull off this look, middle aged women? not so much!

So go ahead, go out in public with big hair and a tiara! Wear your 80's clothes with your friends and go embarrass your teenager (something I HIGHLY recommend). Walk on your treadmill while listening to that guy from the old Dr. Pepper commercials sing "Making It". Heck, sing along to it with your headphones on so that no one in the house can hear the music - just you!

Try and remember, for just a little while, the things that used to bring you joy. I can guarantee you that sometimes even just conjuring up the memory will be enough to lighten and brighten your day.

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