Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Unfair Life of the American Teen

I can remember being a teenager. I had some great friends and we used to have a lot of fun together. I remember the parties, the boys we obsessed over and, being a teen in the 80's, the big hair and wild clothes. Good times.

I also remember the schoolwork, the homework, the kickline practices that I would have preferred to skip and the after-school jobs that I was forced to have. I remember the car that I had to pay for, the gas I had to pay for, the car insurance I had to pay for and how unfair I thought it was that I had to be so darn responsible when all I wanted to do was have fun with my friends. Why couldn't my parents understand that?

Do I really have that good of a memory? Do I sit around and still think about this all the time? No. I have a 16-year old and dealing with him this weekend has brought it all back with blazingly clear clarity. Does that even make sense? I am reliving those last few years of high school all over again and my parents are sore from all of the laughing they are doing at me and if I hear one more chorus of "I told you so", I'll go mad!

Nick got a job. A job that he tried for all summer long. We sat together and worked out his availability. We discussed how he would have to work his school schedule around his work schedule. Ah, the beauty of homeschooling. He got his first paycheck and kept it for himself, even though he owed us money. Okay, fine, I know where to find him when the next one comes in. When he got his schedule last week, he griped because of his hours for yesterday because it meant that he could not go and see a friend's band play that night. Oh, well. He thought that he could ask to change his hours! After less than a week on the job!! I don't know how to break it to the boy that he doesn't possess any kind of 'super-skill' that makes him stand out from the masses (yet) and so the first week of work is so NOT the time to be demanding a change in your schedule.

We picked him up last night and he got his schedule for this week. Lo and behold, he did not like it. Did they give him hours when he said he wasn't available? No. He made plans with his girlfriend BEFORE getting his schedule and then thought that he could just call in and change them!!! We had to have the talk with him AGAIN about your still too new at this job to be asking for so many schedule changes. And it wasn't a small schedule change, it was a full day on Sunday and another full day on Saturday!! The busiest days in retail, in which he SAID he was available for, and he thinks he can just not go. After much discussion, he relented and is going to work these shifts.

It must be hard to go from care-free, no-responisbilities to limited freedom and having to do what others are telling you. This is part of the growing up process that sucks. There is no way to cushion this blow. We can tell him until we are blue in the face that this is an important life lession but considering that we're obviously idiots (and the enemy), nothing that we say makes a dent. On top of this change, we had to ammend some of our parenting rules, as well. Now, he cannot go out with his girlfriend during the week. He changed the plans one too many times and I had a complete meltdown this weekend and need a little less demands on my time. I cannot go to work and take care of all of my responsibilities there, take care of all of my responsibilities at home, keep up with his homeschooling, keep up with Michael's schedule, keep up with Nick's work schedule and Frank's AND transport him back and forth to his girlfriend's. I mean, I AM entitled to have some time for myself, aren't I?

Not to the teen, I'm not.

So, we heard a lot of "I don't want to's" and "That's not fair's" this weekend, and it was really hard to stand firm. But if I am going to keep my sanity, then some things have to go. I don't want to remind him that if he had gotten his permit when he was first eligible then he would have a license now and could have a whole LOT more freedom. I don't want to remind him that if he were in public school then he wouldn't see his girlfriend during the week either. I love my son. I love this girl that he is dating. I would be happy if he never dated any other girl but her because she is just that sweet...but I am not the one in the 'couple' and therefore I believe that I am entitled to not have to be involved and give up all of my spare time for it. If they are as mature as my son claims they are, they can deal with this temporary bump in the road and go with it. School and work have to come first, then you can play.

Being a parent really sucks sometimes.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Warning: Rant Ahead...

Maybe it was the lack of sleep. Maybe I'm being too strict on my diet because I gained 2 pounds and it's making me crabby. Or maybe I happen to live with some of the most INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!!

My vote is with option number 3.

I woke up at 3 a.m. My internal body clock seems to 'sense' when Frank is going to come to bed before he even enters the room. That same body clock tells me that I have to pee at that time, too. Weird. But anyway, I woke up, I used the bathroom, sneezed once, and my head felt like it had been inflated with a bicycle tire pump. I was up until around 5:30 where I finally drifted off only to awaken to the sound of the alarm clock at 6:15. The 8-year old did not want to get up and began to whine, the 44-year old huffed because we were interrupting his short sleep. I was plotting in my head how I was going to get a nap later on in the day.

I get the two of them up and out of the house, attempt several times to get the 16 year old out of bed and decide to skip my morning workout (and shame on me!) because I could not even hold my head up and decided to have a nice relaxing morning. I read a little, took a nice long shower, and then called my dad. THAT was a funny conversation. At one point he's like "Hey, have you spoken to mommy? I haven't heard from her." He is met with dead air on my end. He then begins to babble "I mean, you know, not that I usually HEAR from her but you know, I TALK to her, but I don't like, you know TALK to her. You know like when I call over there and she answers the phone, you know we talk..."

"Are you trying to send me to therapy?" I interrupt. "Because if you are, I'm sending you the bill."

I'm sorry, many of you have expressed how sweet this is that after all these years apart that they can be friends and get along and like one another and all I can say to you is BLECH!! Seriously, a little bit of throw-up comes up every time I even THINK of it. These two people ruined every special occassion of my life after the age of 10 and so I don't get excited about their new-found friendship. I feel like going somewhere with them and causing one of their now-famous scenes.

Yes, I'm rubber and they're glue...

So I get off the phone with him and go and check on the 16 year old who is finally moving about the cabin. He is doing his school work and seems to be on board with all that we have to do today. Our first big thing (once he showers) is to go and get his portrait taken at Wal-Mart. Not smart, I know, but they're cheap and I'm tired of getting complaints from the grandparents that they have no portraits of the boy. He showers, he shaves, we go. We wait about 15 minutes and then the lovely photographer talks to us in. a. very. slow. voice. she. fills. out. the. registration. form. for. me. At this point I'm ready to hit her with the clip board because I've got a writing celebration at Michael's school that I have to go to and for every single-syllable she drags out, times a wastin'! We finally get pictures taken, decide on the ones that we want, talk her down from the insanely expensive package (because the $4.99 one suited me just fine) and then had to watch as all of her check-out/register equipment seemed to be brand-new to her. By the time we left, there was no time to grab lunch because we had to get over to the elementary school for the writing celebration.

Once there, Nick is told he has to put his PSP in the car and so I hand him the keys and he goes outside to talk to his girlfriend on the phone!! HELLO??? I'M WAITING FOR YOU! So now I have to look like a crazy person yelling across the parking lot for him to come on! We're both starving by now and the thought of listening to a bunch of third-graders read their essays is beyone unappealing. Nick volunteers to walk to the Chinese place up the road, grab lunch and bring it back to the school to eat. What planet is he from??? Who goes to a class party/recital/celebration...whatever it is and brings their own Chinese take-out with them? Um...NO ONE! It takes several attempts at explanations to make him understand this. We get through the party with time to spare, grab Michael and leave. We call in our lunch order and then head to the bank to open up a checking account for Nick since he got his first pay-check.

And let's just stop there, for a moment. We advanced the boy $45 last week against this first paycheck and you know what? The check was only for one day of work and was guessed it...around $45 and does he make good on his debt to us? NO! Do you know why? Because he wants to take his girlfriend to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner!!! Don't worry, pal, the bank of Mom (thank you, Carol) will be leaning extremely heavily on you next week on pay day and before the ink is dry on your signature to cash that bad-boy, I will be on you like white-on-rice to get my money back.

The opening of a student checking account is on par with applying for a mortgage and 45 minutes of super-cute, super-perky Sarah's help, we were finally on our way out. "Hey, mom?" Michael asks. "Do you think that they have any of the 2008 golden dollars at this bank?" Before I can come up with a quick reason as to why I don't even want to find out (although the noises coming from the cavernous regions of my stomach could have) Miss super-perk chimes in "Why yes, they have at least three of them up at the desk!" I wanted to cry.

Then I wanted to slap her. I hand Nick some money and tell him to walk across the parking lot and get the food while I get the golden dollars. We meet up a few minutes later and drive home to eat lunch - at 2:45!! Good thing we pulled Michael out of school early otherwise we would have missed the daggone bus at home!!!

Now the 16-year old is in a snit because he needs to get to his girlfriend's house and even though I was told yesterday that he had all of his transportation needs taken care of, apparently things changed and I am the one expected to pick up the slack. He still had school work and chores to do. He got home and did it all, even did a re-write on an assignment and while I am pacing to leave because I still have stuff of my own to do that has to be done before 5:00, he is slowly going through a stack of about 300 un-boxed DVD's looking for one in particular. Seriously, I should get a METAL for not hurting him at this point. I yell at him to get in the car and he has the nerve to be in a snit because he couldn't find the DVD and this is clearly the fault of the 8 year old.

I yell, I scream, I tell them both that I have had enough. I break every speed limit on the way to Beckah's and then head over to the bookstore to do the deposit. All I can say is THANK GOD I work with such a wonderful person because Danette has the ability to talk me down from the ledge. By the time I left there at 4:40, I felt a little more stable. I hit the bank (just in time), picked up my new contacts at the eye doctor at 5:01 (just in time), and then headed in to Target to pick up an extra slab of ribs because the one that I had at home didn't seem like it would be enough.

When I walked in the door at 5:30, I felt like I had run a marathon. I do not EVER want to have a day off like this again. I don't like anyone right now and if I hadn't gained those two STUPID pounds, I would be indulging in something right now that would make me feel better. But no, I have to behave. I have to be super-perky-super-happy, super-mom-thinking-for-everyone-who-doesn't-have-a-brain-of-their-own-killing-me-with-every-breath-that-they-take, Stacey.

I want a cupcake.

Laughter through the tears...

Last night my mom and sister did something really nice; they invited my two cousins for dinner whose father passed away several weeks ago. Remember now that these are 'technically' my dad's nephew's, but mom wanted to have them over. Once an aunt, always an aunt.

So, over they came these two grown men who we all remember as being little boys. We really stopped being close as a family once my sister and I hit our teens, mostly because of my parents divorce. But I digress, they came over and while cleaning out their father's house stumbled across a treasure chest worth of pictures from the early years of our GRANDPARENTS lives! I mean, there were a lot of my dad and uncles, but the pictures of my grandparents, well, that is just priceless to me. It is a part of their lives that I don't ever remember knowing much about. My grandmother died when I was around 12 and grandpa died while I was pregnant with Nick - but being the self-absorbed person that I was, I didn't appreciate the time that I had with him as an adult. I cherish the memories I have of him from when I was a child, but I have great guilt about the opportunities missed when I got older.

I called over there last night and got to speak to my cousin John. It sent chills down my spine because when he first got on the phone he sounded exactly like his father and it took me a minute to recover. We talked for almost 30 minutes about our childhood memories, where our lives are at now, and all of these pictures that he had unearthed in the attic. I was so upset that I wasn't there to see them in person. My cousin Michael would not get on the phone. He is not coping well with life right now and so we don't push. I was just happy to get to talk with John and share some laughs.

Later last night, mom scanned some of these great pictures for me and sent them over. I was having computer issues last night and didn't get to see them until this morning. I cried. To see my grandparents again - so young - it just made me miss them even more. There were pictures of them as a young family and I had to stop and think about all that they had gone through since that time of innocence. Some made me smile because of the time period. Grandpa looked like something out of "The Godfather" in some of them and there was a picture of Nana in a bathing suit! So as I scanned them in to my own computer to have and went through them all very carefully, the last one caught my eye - mainly because it was in color. It is a family portrait (minus my mom) at one of my uncle's weddings circa 1982, I think. All I can say is that if any of you want to know what a maffia family looks like, ask me to send you this picture. I would post it but...well, I don't want to offend anyone. I just about wet my pants with laughter. What in the world were we thinking???

But I like the one that I did post. To my grandparents...who I still miss. To my aunt and uncle who are no longer with us. And a thanks to my cousin John for being willing to share these memories with us. What I wouldn't give to get my hands on that box of pictures and scrapbook them and preserve them!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

On What Planet Does This Seem Fair???

So, here I am dieting. And exercising. And starving. I've persevered and have some results to show for it. I was feeling pretty good about it all too.

Last night I call my mom/sister to say hello. Sis just got back from 8 days in the Dominican Republic. She gives me all of the details that I don't want to hear making sure to include the fact that she had some sort of 'stomach thing' that had her frequenting the bathroom - frequently. So even with all of her eating and drinking and laying around doing NOTHING, she lost 6 pounds.

I gained two.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's a good thing we're pretty...

For those of you who are new to my blog, I'm going to Disney in less than three weeks. I've been dieting like a fiend to avoid being the fat sister, I've been training on the treadmill, I have been planning and plotting all of the ways to have a great vacation. This trip will include myself (duh!), my sister, my mom, my aunt, and my cousin. My sister and I even have a 'safe word' that we will use should we need to get away from all of the family togetherness.

Code word: cantaloupe

I am a seasoned Disney traveler. I have all of the guide books, I'm even published in one. I am on numerous Disney-related e-groups and get as much up-to-the-minute park news that I can. I help other people plan their vacations. Here are my top tips to plan a perfect Disney vacation:

- Go in the off season: I know this is hard for most people but believe me, it is well worth it. The first two weeks of December are awesome because all of the parks are decorated for Christmas. The crowds are cut in half in the off season.
- Read some 'unofficial' Disney guides: My favorite is actually called "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World". I am quoted in this book but besides that perk, they are brutally honest in describing how long the lines can get and whether it is even worth your time to go on some of the attractions.
- Plan, plan, plan: You cannot go on a Disney trip as a spur of the moment type of thing. You need to research what there is to do in advance and decide - as a family - what you are going to do. Because there is so much to do, there is no way to do it all and if you spend most of your trip going "what do you want to do now?" You'll miss out on a lot.
- Go with the meal plan: Disney actually offers free dining quiet often and this is a must do if you can get it. On the plan each person in your group gets one counter service meal, one table service meal and one snack per NIGHT of your trip. Trust me when I say it is a LOT of food. If you don't get free dining, it is still worth it to purchase the meal plan because you will still save a lot of money.
- Make Advanced Dining Plans: I cannot stress this one enough because most of the 'must see' sit down restaurants get booked 6 months in advance. So if you think you are going to just show up at the Magic Kingdom and just walk in to Cinderella's Castle and eat...YOU'RE WRONG!!! We had two sets of friends plan their trips (without much notice) and seriously thought that they were going to get in to some of the high-demand places. Needless to say they were seriously disappointed.
- Stay on property: You know, you can find hotels a LOT cheaper off Disney property, but believe me when I say that some of them are quite scary. We spent one night in an off-site hotel that I still feel I need to shower from - and that was in 2002! On Disney property, you can stay in a value resort for as low as $79 a night for a family of four and $129 a night at a moderate if you have 5 in your party. It is so worth the extra money because you never have to drive! You take buses to and from your hotel to the parks and it makes it so much easier to go back to the hotel at some point during the day if you want to nap or take a swim. And let me tell you, no one does hotel theming like Disney. They are amazing to just tour! And most of their pools are just outrageous.
- Fly in to Orlando (if you can): There is this great service called the Magical Express that you can get (free of charge) when you book a Disney vacation. This wonderful service gives you special tags that you put on to your luggage and then when you check your bags and fly in to Orlando, Disney fairies pick it up for you and deliver it to your room! But wait, that's not all, there is a magical bus that is air conditioned and wonderful that picks you up at the airport (after you've skipped baggage claim) and takes you directly to your hotel while showing you a short movie about all that you can experience while in 'the world'. How cool is that?

So you see, I do know what I am talking about. I've gone down to WDW 10 times since 1976 - seven of those times I've been the one responsible for the planning. I've planned for my own little family (when we had just one child and then again with two), I've planned a family reunion where there was 15 of us, and I've planned trips for just me and my sister. I am familiar with the planning process.

So where is this all leading, you ask? Well, this upcoming trip was planned back in January. We got a great deal - 40% off room rates. We coordinated 5 different lives and schedules and were all set. We planned where we wanted to eat to please everyone's palettes. We coordinated air travel so that we arrive in Orlando (from separate locations) within 20 minutes of each other. Do you know what we forgot?


(somebody slap me)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Evil's come-a-knockin

So my son informs me today that little Koresh contacted him. And apparently not for the first time. In today's correspondence he told Nick how he felt really bad about how things went down with them and maybe they could get together and hang out - you know, maybe once a month.


Oh, if only I could say that out loud to his face. Since the demise of the 'circle' and all of the drama that went with it, I kind of feel like my child has become a happier person and a more productive part of normal society. I don't want these influences coming back in to his life for any reason whatsoever. Now, I'm sure there are you moms out there going "Oh, Stace, you can't run his life. You know you hate other moms who do that." And while, yes, that is true, in most cases, those moms are crazy and the influences that they are trying to keep their children away from are things like people who wear black t-shirts, or people who color their the grand scheme of things, those traits are pretty tame. But keeping my child away from someone who's main goal in life is to control others, um, no thank you.

From what I can tell, the remaining members of the group have greatly dispersed. Koresh is all alone. (Wait, while I wipe away a tear). Girlfriend number one moved away with her grandparents to the midwest. Girlfriend number two (and yes, there are two of them) had her parents send her up north for a month, and of the other two in the group, one is on a missions trip (and don't even get me started on THAT one) and the other had her mom put her in to many, many church activities before actually getting a job. So in my opinion, there is no one for Koresh to be controlling right now and I'm sure that in his mind, Nick can't possibly be happy without this group. But all I can say is HA, HA! Nick is doing great, so take that! He's got a job, he's got an awesome girlfriend, he's made normal friends and re-connected with some old friends who we love and encourage him to invite over. I mean, all in all, life is pretty sweet for Nick right now.

Luckily, my son seems to think so too because he pretty much told this kid that he didn't think it was a good idea for them to really hang out. I am SO PROUD of him! I mean, the boy just has me beaming with pride right now.

Now if only I could get him to do all of his schoolwork....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Guess who got a job?

I am so old. I am so freakishly old that I should be driving around in one of those hover-round chairs!

Nick got a job.

Seriously. Nick is even now, as we speak, at work.

Okay, I dealt (somewhat) with being the parent of a teenager. I dealt (a bit better) with being the parent of a teenager with a girlfriend. I dealt (really badly) with being the parent of a teenager who could drive. But this? This whole job thing, it's like I'm one step away from collecting social security. I mean, there are most definitely going to be perks to this: 1.) He now will stop using my wallet as his personal ATM. 2.) He can start paying for his own cell-phone and text messages. 3.) He can actually PAY for a date and take his sweet little girlfriend someplace nice that she deserves (I love Beckah!). and finally, 4.) He'll stop annoying the crap out of me when he wants something!!!

Oh, the fun I am going to have watching this. Today is his first day on the job and it really is just training/orientation. While driving him over, I thought I was going to have to push his head between his knees to stop the hyperventilating! The boy needs to majorly relax. I'm like, "Why are you so nervous?" He's like, "What if they fire me?" Now, Nick has always had a flair for the dramatic but I'm thinking, what could you POSSIBLY do on your first day that you would get fired? It's darn near impossible to have that happen! You know that just because I said that that something ridiculous is going to happen where he will NEARLY get fired. Trust me, strange stuff like this happens around me all the time. I'm not even surprised anymore by it.

So next time you're shopping at Lowes Foods, check out the adorable new bag-boy and if he is hyperventilating, just grab a paper bag for him and smile.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Fear not, my friends, mailmen of the world are now safe. My Disney vacation packet has arrived.


Nick called me at work to let me know of it's arrival and I literally danced around the store with glee. Customers just stared at me like I was some kind of loon but luckily they all know me and all I had to do was tell them of my Disney mail and they all nodded with understanding. It's good to have supporting people around you.

So, my magical mail had all of my goodies that I mentioned yesterday BUT my Magical Express tag even had my name printed on it. That makes this trip...doubly real!!! My name in print on official documents...OMG!!! Of course, my name in print on official "nut house" documents may not be far behind if I don't get a solid grip on myself here.

I actually have all of the documents for the three of us (me, mom & sis) and I'm trying to divvy everything up fairly. I think I should get the confetti since I will be doing the scrapbook, don't you think? I mean, fair is fair. They'd just throw it away and not appreciate all that can be done with some double-side, acid-free scapbooking sticky tape! It would be a MAGICAL page! So I'm keeping it. The Mickey stickers, too. I should get them, as well. Again, just thinking about the scapbooks that I will be making for THEM. It's not only my book I'm thinking about. Really, when you get right down to it, I'm really being quite selfless in this whole endeavor. I'm keeping all of the fun stuff for NOW so that I can share it LATER. See? That makes it all okay.

I'm just that giving. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stop! Wait a minute Mr. Postman...

Something very disturbing is going on. Someone is messing with me and I don't like it. With less than 30 days to go until the trip to "The World", my welcome packet has not yet arrived. I wouldn't have given this much thought except...My aunt received hers two days ago!

Why, God? Why? Why her and not me??? Why do such bad things happen to good, sweet, pure people? (Yes, Cathleen, I'm talking about ME!)

She (my aunt) thinks she is SO funny with comments like "I'm special. That's why I got mine first." To which I scream, "YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL!!" Oh, I am so pathetic but when we're dealing with Disney, I get a little cranky.

For all of you who brought me chocolate today (Thank you Nani and Michelle) know that while it comforted me greatly earlier today, that was all before the missing Disney packet disaster and now I am scurrying around here like some sort of deranged lunatic.

See, this is why I need a vacation.

I contacted my travel agent and you know what? HE'S on vacation!!! Do you know where he is on vacation? Yep, you guessed it, DISNEY! Oh, but not just Disney, he started at Disneyland in California, then hopped a Disney cruise ship where I believe he will cruise to Florida and go to Disney World!!! So while Ric is living my dream, I'm ready to ambush my mailman and demand he find my packet. Now, just so you know that I am really not totally crazy, know that this is not JUST a packet, it has my luggage tags and my Magical Express vouchers (this is a magical tour bus that picks you up at the airport and delivers you to your Disney destination hotel), plus stickers, Mickey confetti, a lanyard, I mean, it's like freakin paradise in an envelope and I want mine!!!

I should so totally be a Disney travel agent. You'd all book from me, right?

Have a Disney-rific day!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Disney Diet - Four More Weeks!

Yippy! We are at the final stretch of this vacation watch and I am just giddy with anticipation. I am holding steady at 20 pounds and I am PMSing - which is not helping. I ate two chocolate Pop-Tarts last night at 11:00 at night because it was either do that or throw something big and heavy at someone. So really, the Pop-Tart was the wise choice.

Coming in to the home stretch I feel like I have accomplished so much and still not enough. I always get really lazy right before I hit any goal. It's easier to fail than it is to succeed. Well, at least it is to me. I am used to failure, I'm not so used to success. I was feeling pretty good about my weight when my dear sister threw her weight in to the conversation the other day - I don't even think she had a reason to, come to think of it! But the fact remains that she claims to only weigh 134. Now, I have not seen 134 since right after Nick was born some 16 years ago. Do I believe her? No. You know how really expensive clothes are cut differently than normal people clothes? Yes, you do - the more expensive the outfit the larger a size 2 seems to be. I told you about my miracle SuperTarget capris - I can wear a size 6 in them, even though the rest of my wardrobe still says 10. Maybe wealthy people also have scales that say that they weigh less. Damn, I should have gotten on her scale while I was up there - just to compare. I'm always a day late with these great ideas!

So, with Michael back in school, it was back to business as usual this morning. I got up on early, did my walk, ate my egg, went to work where I was harassed by all sorts of people and did not sit down once. I finally got to eat my turkey chili somewhere near 3:00 (while standing and helping a customer) and did not actually get to use the bathroom until I got home at 5:40. My legs are so ready for the marathon walking of a Disney vacation! And apparently my bladder is equally ready for the long bathroom lines of a Disney vacation. Yeah, me, I'm prepared.

Think thin, everyone, and pray that someone eats the rest of the chocalte Pop-Tarts before I do.

Word of the Day? Insecurity

Insecurity. Every one experiences this at one time or another, it's just that when it comes out in the open, you tend to think, yikes, what's up with that?

Two examples - first, my husband. Frank and I have been together for 19 years. The first five were not all blissful but once we removed all of the negative elements from our lives, there was no stopping us. I am a family person and I do love our families but it was amazing what damage we were allowing them to do to us with their 'advice' and 'help'. Since moving to NC some 13 years ago, I can honestly say that our marriage just keeps getting stronger. Several months ago, as many of you know, I started this diet. As of now I am at the 20 pound mark and feeling pretty damn proud of myself. I recently had my highlights re-done and I've bought clothes that actually fit and don't hide so much. This seems to have thrown my poor hubby in to a tizzy. It's not something that he comes right out and admits to, but it's the little comments like "You're going to lose all this weight and realize that you're too pretty for me" or "You're not going to want me anymore". Now, I am a realist. First off, I know what I look like. I was never the kind of woman who WOWED anyone. I just never did and that's okay. There was never a line of guys waiting to date me. Again, that's okay. These comments of Frank's bother me because he throws them in to a conversation and then just moves on. I often wonder if he even knows that he's saying them. After 19 years, where is this insecurity coming from? I tell him how I would never leave him and how I will always love him and yet...he'll make the comment again another couple of days later.

Case number two is my sister. I'm telling you, if I had the time, I could write a War and Peace sized novel on her. Growing up, I always thought of her as being confident, secure, outgoing. What I'm seeing as an adult is that it is all a big charade. In school, she was popular within her little group of friends, but she never did anything/joined anything that she did not know the outcome of - or if there was a chance that she'd fail at it. Even now, with a very successful business, she has purposefully surrounded herself with people who seem to be her own personal pep-squad who ooh and ahh all over her but are afraid to actually TALK to her or disagree with her. Apparently when you do, the wrath is not pretty. She choses to socialize with people who are less successful than herself and most definitely less attractive than herself because it will always make her the pretty one. I'm not saying this to be mean, trust me, it's a fact. So to keep her insecurities at bay (or at least not obvious to those around her), she has manipulated her life so that all appears to be well. She fears being alone so she makes sure that the people around her NEED her. The sad thing is that now most of these people only stay around because of what she can give them. I think that she knows this, but won't admit to it (we've touched on this point in a conversation before and I know that I said it to her and she did not disagree). I find it sad that such a talented, beautiful woman cannot just see what life has for her; that she has to 'set the stage' so that she gives off the appearance of having it all.

With Frank, I love knowing that my husband thinks that I am beautiful. I know that no one else does but knowing that this man that I love does, well, it just makes me love him all the more! I wish that he weren't so insecure about my feelings for him. They will not change. I believe in 'til death do us part'. I don't know why since no one else in my daggone family seems to!

With my sister, I am sad for her. Her insecurities are too great for her to overcome alone and you can't help someone who won't admit that they need it. You have to love people for who and how they are no matter how difficult they make it. As for me, my main me. Hence the whole weight loss thing. The way that I look will always be an issue for me. Luckily, I'm really too lazy to do too much more about it. In the mean time, I just have fun with it - and it gives me something to blog about.

Friday, August 15, 2008

What a difference a week makes...

Well, I'm sure you've all been biting your nails this week wondering will I or won't I ever go back to Texas Roadhouse after last weekend's disaster. Well, break out the nail file, the wait is over.

I went back.

Tonight Frank and I went out to dinner with Michael to Texas Roadhouse. I was feeling generous and really wanted to see if the place was truly that awful or was it really just a bad night. I called them for their call ahead seating at 6:40 and told them we'd be there at 7:30. They asked if we would arrive 15 minutes before our requested time, and I was like, sure. So we actually arrived at 7:10 and we were seated, in our booth by 7:20. Our waitress took our drink orders right away and was back in under 5 minutes. She took our dinner orders and about 7 minutes later, we had our salads. They were yummy, we asked for more rolls and you know what? We got them!! Our dinners arrived shortly thereafter and they were all correct. Who knew? We all had ribs (but with different sides) and I have to tell you, I did not even need the little wet-nap that they give you because the meat truly did fall off the bone - just as they advertise. I was thrilled by the whole experience.

We were out of there by 8:00, fully satisfied. So, fear not my friends. It is safe for you to go to the Texas Roadhouse. You have my blessing.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

How Can I Help You?

Sometimes there is not help for the un-helpable. You find this hard to believe? Follow this now-typical scenario and remember, I work in a homeschool bookstore.

Me: Hey, How are you today?
Customer: Fine, thanks.
Me: Can I help you find anything?
Customer: I'm looking for a book. (Then stares at you as if this answers all of your questions.
Me: Okay, what subject are you needing.
Customer: Geometry.
Me: Okay, follow me and I'll show you what we have. (Now we walk the 10 feet over to the math section where I pull out my first choice, Bob Jones, and show it to the customer.)
Customer: We don't want a traditional text-book approach.
Me: Oh, okay, well then there's Teaching Textbooks, it's a great computer based curriculum...
Customer: We don't do computer based stuff.
Me: (Internal sigh) Why don't you tell me what you're looking for. Do you have a specific curriculum in mind that you've heard about?
Customer: No. (Then stares at you again as if this clears everything up)
Me: Okay, let me think for a moment, we have Abeka, which is a little different from the Bob Jones...
Customer: No, still to text-book oriented.
Me: (Completely stumped at this point) Have you researched what else is out there? Our teachers here all use the Bob Jones. It's the most popular high school geometry out there.
Customer: No. (Still staring as if waiting for me to magically produce this curriculum myself while standing there).

*Now keep in mind, while this riveting conversation is going on, other customers are waiting for help and the phone has rung about 4 different times.*

Me: Why don't you take a look around. Here's our used math curriculum and see if anything interests you. You can just give a shout-out if you need anything.
Customer: Oh, okay. Wait, I'm looking for another book...

And on and on this little theater of pain continues....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A quick quiz

Okay, say you have a friend. You've been friends for close to 20 years. You've introduced this person to your family maybe 3 or 4 times over the course of those 20 years.

Who knows this person better? You - the friend of 20 years or the family member - with about 40 minutes worth of knowledge?

Is this a difficult concept to anyone?

Just as I predicted...

Thank God my family has the gift of gab because without actually being at the funeral, I was in fact, at the funeral. Via the phone.

I got the call yesterday afternoon and all I can say is ... I KNEW IT!!! There were a ton of "Are you two back together?" thrown at my folks. Their reply was hearty laughted followed by "God NO!" There was awkward moments around the house where the conversation was just plain icky (my uncle kept calling my sister sexy). Eew!! There was the fact that my parents and sister went back to my deceased uncle's home after the wake Monday night for a little while to have something to eat and my dad's tie got in the plate of meatballs and he blamed my mom! Some things never change. The fact that the house looked exactly the same as it did the last time my mom saw it (in 1980) just added to the humor of the moment. She thought that by going through the front door, she had morphed in to the past!

It was a sad occassion, all in all. Funerals are sad, there's no way around that. It's just a little more emotional when the person who has passed was so well loved by everyone and has gone way too soon. I'm still upset by the fact that I did not get to go and pay my respects in person, but thanks to the wonderful stories from my mom and sister, it's like I was there.

Rest in peace, Uncle John. We love you!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Funeral I Will Not See...

I told you all last week how my uncle had passed away. I tried everything that I could to find a way to be up in NY for his funeral, but it just was not possible. I am deeply saddened at the thought of not being there to say good-bye. Now I know that I can still say good-bye in my own way, blah, blah, blah, but honestly, I really wanted to do that in person.

Now, knowing my family as you do, you know that there are going to be some 'fly on the wall' moments that I just wish I could witness first-hand. For example: My dad is flying up (this was his brother) and is again staying with my mom and my sister. I don't care that I witnessed this bizarre phenomenon with my own eyes a couple of weeks ago, it is still weird to me! So, seeing the two of them interact with one another is always entertaining. Now, throw in to the mix, my dad's OTHER brother who is also flying in with his wife and they, too, will be staying with my mom and my sister. My sister keeps in touch with no one. This uncle flying in is her godfather and I don't think they've spoken in YEARS. My mom, of course, has not seen or spoken to these people probably since 1985. So there should be some awkward breakfast conversation, I am sure. Then there's the whole wake/funeral itself. My mom is going with dad to this. Do you know how weird that is going to look for all of my dad's family who haven't seen them together in 30 years? Do you know how many times people are going to ask them if they are back together? Just to hear that sentence ONCE would have been worth the cost of airfare! I have a weird sense of humor, I know.

So, here I sit at work. I'm hungry and can't eat yet because I have a customer lurking around. Bummer. I will not get to hear any of the details until tomorrow night - and you know how impatient I am! I'll try to keep myself extra busy. Now if only I could eat...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Disney Diet - Day 90

Okay, so I'm cruising along at day 90. Hard to believe I'm still going at it. Although I have to admit, I'm not as gung-ho as I once was. I've been slacking off a bit and with only 5 weeks to go until the trip, it's go time.

I am at a 19 pound weight loss and 14 inches total body lost. Not too shabby, I tell ya. I think life will be a lot easier in the diet realm when Michael goes back to school. For the last two weeks I've slept in more and exercised less. I've snacked a little more - mostly on my dearly beloved coca-cola. Oh, how I love thee! One more week and school will be back in session. I will be alone in the mornings for 30 minutes while my darling hubby drives the boy to school and then I can go on the treadmill or Power 90 and get back down to business. With only 6 pounds more until I reach my goal (and win the diet competition with my friends and the $35 GC to Archivers!), I have to stay on task.

Unfortunately, I am easily distracted. It's like oh, diet, diet, diet, oh look, something shiney! I'm not normal. At all. BUT...tonight I went on to one of my favorite Disney web-sites and looked over the menus of the places that we will be eating while in the World and I honestly believe that I can go on this trip and not put the weight back on. I had a friend tell me that she lost some weight before going to Disney and then gained it all back while there. I don't get that. I mean, the typical person will walk anywhere from 4-7 miles a DAY!! That is a LOT of walking! You'd have to be walking while carrying a turkey leg in one hand and the giant sized cotton candy in another - all day long! Frank asked if I would use the gym at the hotel while I was there and then he realized, why would you have to do that when you will be walking all day long? See? He gets it.

What will be my favorite walk while in the World? Honestly, it doesn't matter how many time I go there, I still get chills walking under the train station on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and walking down Main Street U.S.A. I'm a dork, I know, but there's just something about that that always gives me a little thrill. Also, there is a small bridge that you cross from next to the castle in to Adventureland and I always get a little giddy at that point because there is a lot of beautiful scenerly in that part of the park with the Swiss Family tree house and then the Pirates ride. Oh, I'll be skipping down that lane, don't you worry!

So, think thin this week everyone! You know that the last few pounds are always the hardest.

Girls Night Out

Tonight was girls night. Girls night out. We try to do this around once a month, but sometimes it doesn't always work out that way. For instance, there are four of us that do this. One friend had to back out because her mom is in the ICU at UNC and she was going up there to visit with her. I almost had to back out because I thought I was going up to NY for my uncle's funeral. FYI - not going. So, the three of us decide that we are still greatly in need of a girls night and continue on with our plans.

The plan was to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I had never been there before but both of my friends had (one time each). We arrived there at around 7:15 to a PACKED parking lot but were told it would only be a 20-25 minute wait. Well, one hour later, I'm ready to eat the picture hanging above my head and throw one heck of a hissy fit. Both friends had gone up to the desk (not at the same time) to check on the status of our table. We were finally called and were seated with a basket of freshly baked rolls that lasted all of three minutes. We immediately ordered our drinks and appetizers (and more rolls). The drinks came pretty quick but twenty minutes later, we still had not seen more rolls or our appetizers. Next thing we know, our salads are arriving. Where are the appetizers? Oh, waitress-with-attitude forgot to put that order in. Nice. So we were already annoyed with the long wait to be seated and the no rolls thing so we complained. She agrees to comp the cost of the appetizers but still serve them and lo and behold, the basket of rolls appears. We eat our salads and were starting to feel okay when the dinners arrive. Still no sign of the appetizers. All three dinners were wrong. I ordered the steak kabobs with rice pilaf with the steak cooked rare. What I got was steak kabobs charred black and no rice pilaf. Michelle ordered the beef tips medium well and they were RAW. Cathleen ordered the same as me except with her steak WELL done and she received no rice and her steak was only kind of well done.

Now we're pissed.

So, we call the waitress over and tell her how my order is way overcooked, Michelle's is undercooked and Cathleen is missing the rice. A cup of rice comes out, my plate is taken away and Michelle was a trooper and stuck with her meal. At the same time, I ask for a glass of water. Four hours later, I am STILL waiting. The appetizers finally show up. My meal comes back cooked perfectly but I have no appetite for the appetizers anymore. Michelle couldn't eat hers (too raw, I think) and neither of them wanted anything to do with the appetizers either. Now we're really, really pissed.

Our check arrived - still no water - and we were willing to pay but felt like we needed to tell the manager how disappointed we were. Now, me personally, I am a letter writer. If you do me wrong at a restaurant, you can be darn sure that I am writing your corporate office and letting them know. Cathleen was a little more bold and asked to speak with the manager. We told him how disastrous this meal was from the moment we walked in and were led to believe that the wait would be short all the way to the missing water. He agreed to comp the meals! Sweet! I would have been happy with a coupon for another dinner on another night. I mean the food was great - when it finally arrived and was cooked properly - and I would try the place again.

So leaving the restaurant only $3 lighter (the waitress totally sucked but deserved a little something for her effort), we headed over to the local supermarked to pick out desserts and then headed back to my house to chill out and just gab. I highly recommend this to all you ladies out there. Take a night to just sit around and relax and just talk. Michael was in bed, Nick was outside talking on the phone, Frank was out jamming with the band, I mean, we practically had the entire place to ourselves and it was wonderful.

Hopefully, your night out won't include such outrageously incompetent service but all in all, it was a night out with my girls. There was no way it could be bad.

Friday, August 8, 2008

This one's not named Mickey

One night many, many years ago (long before Michael was born), Nick and I were home alone. Frank was out visiting a friend. I went in to the kitchen to get something to drink and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move across the floor. Something small and dark. Something with a tail.


I can honestly say that in that moment I became that stereotypical woman who jumped up on the sofa and screamed like a girl. I called Frank and told him to come home NOW! He did and I waited patiently on the couch until he had searched the house for the offensive little creature. He was not to be found. The next day we went out and bought mouse traps. For a week, we caught nothing. I was beginning to feel like maybe it was an isolated incident and that we were indeed, mouse free.

I normally go to bed around 11:00 at night. Late nights are not my thing. I said good night to Frank and went to bed. Some time later I was awakened by the coat rack in our living room crashing to the floor and Frank yelling at someone. And I mean yelling. "You think you can f___ with me?! I'll kill you!"

More things crashed to the floor and slammed in to the walls.

At this point, I am convinced that there is some criminal or something in the house and that I need to get up and help my husband by calling 9-1-1. So I carefully emerge from the bedroom to find my living room in shambles and Frank kneeling in the dining room in the corner.

"What's going on?" I asked. I can see that he's got some sort of 2x4 in his hand, braced on the floor. It was dark and I couldn't quite see what he was doing.
"Go get a box," he hissed, and then added, "Ha, I got you mother f_____r!" I came back in to the room with the only box I could find - it was a shoe box - and there, under the piece of wood, was the mouse. Frank scooped it up, put it in the box, tossed it in the dumpster next door. When he came back in I asked how the house came to look like a tornado had come through. "Well," he hesitated, "you see, every night when you go to bed and turn out the bedroom light, the mouse comes out from under the bedroom door."

What the...???


"So, I watched his pattern of behavior for the last week and tonight, I blocked him."
"The mouse! I put Nick's lunchbox in his path and he ran in to it, it stunned him and then I chased him around until I killed him with the 2x4."

Now, just picturing this in my mind is enough to make me laugh but he was so serious about it, so proud of the fact that he had out-smarted the mouse, I had to keep it all inside. I did, however, never let him forget about it. EVER.

Tonight I went in to the kitchen to get something to drink...Frank's out in the shed getting a 2x4 as we speak. It's going to be a long night.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Going home...again

In my earlier blog, I talked about how my grandmother was dying. Little did I know that today would result in death - not hers, but my godfather. My uncle John has passed away. He was sick a very short while (less than 6 months) but by the time the docs really knew what was wrong with him, it was too late. He had stage 4 lung cancer.

So now I'm sitting here, waiting for Frank to get home, and trying to make plans to go to New York for the weekend for the wake and funeral. Do I want to make this trip? Yes and no. My godfather was a really sweet man. I mean, I have nothing but great memories of him. He was a kind and gentle person who used to like calling me a duck when I was a little girl and always tried to tell me that I had webbed feet - even though I didn't - but I would always look, just to make sure. It was our little game and it makes me smile just to think about it. I want to go and say good-bye to him. As a Christian, I am in awe of the fact that he is in a better place right now and seeing his wife again after six years apart.

The traveller in me so does not want to make this trip. We will drive. I am unsure if Frank will go with me or not. If my lazy son had bothered to TRY and learn to drive, he could have helped out with the driving, but that's not going to happen. It's a long drive all the way along I-95. It's dirty, boring, and just plain scary. I HATE driving on the Jersey Turpike and then crossing the Veranzano Bridge in to New York. I don't do bridges well.

My heart is heavy tonight friends. Pray for safety in travel. Pray for my family as we all come together again to grieve. And Praise God for the life of a wonderful man and his journey home.

And you're surprised, why?

It's been a while since I've had a good family story and well...honestly, I was just trying to be good. But sometimes, stuff just gets thrown at you and it has to be let out.

My grandmother is dying. She's been sick for several years now, but hospice care started last week. She lives with one sister, and another one has come to visit for a couple of weeks. There has been an almost constant stream of bbq's and family get togethers. Me, personally? I think that most of these people who are hanging around are extremely irritating - I hope grandma doesn't - because I would hate to think of her final days being spent having to deal with people that she cannot stand. That would suck. Today's bbq/luncheon will be spent at my mom's house. She is preparing a big feast and the same 12 people who were at the last 5 luncheons will be there. Seriously, I don't get it. I mean, we're not a small family, can we not scrounge up a couple of different faces? And why do so many people have off during the week? It makes no sense. But I digress...Yesterday, mom went out and did all of her shopping for the big shin-dig with my sister - who was doing her catering shopping. Apparently at some point in the shopping trip, there was a heated discussion over who was paying for what. Now, my sister had her entourage (spelling?) with her so there were four people, four carts filled with food. But at the check-out, only mom was questioned about chipping in. True, the luncheon was mom's idea but in her basket were not only items for that, but items that my sister put in there for her son, the house, etc. The shopping posse had put personal items in the other carts but not asked to contribute. Yes I know this all sound ridiculous, but seriously, these are the things that I have to hear about and I think it's equally ridiculous and because I am a giving type of gal, I am sharing with you. So I guess food for our dying grandmother, not really a necessity but vodka (or some other useless item) for your friend, necessary. Huh, who knew.

Long story short (HA!), my sister paid, my sister was not happy about it, snippiness was heard all around on all sides for the entire day. When mom told the story last night, several things went through my mind. 1. Why are you surprised? This is the type of thing my sister (and my dad, for that matter) are famous for. Treat people who have everything TO everything, and make those who have nothing feel like crap and pay. 2. Seriously? This is surprising? and finally, 3. Refer to 1 & 2.

Oh, and seriously, 600 miles away, still not far enough.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More cases for a phone-free world

I've mentioned in past blogs several examples of times that I have truly wished that I did not have a phone. Most of those examples involved my family. But not today, friends. Not today.

Today involves the work phone. The work phone that NEVER STOPS RINGING. You know how when you call someone and you get either a busy signal or their voice mail and you say "Hmmm....I guess I'll call back later?" Well, apparently none of those thoughts occur to people calling the store. Voice mail means nothing. They will keep calling back - and yes I know they do because we have caller ID and I can SEE who is calling over and over again. Yesterday, the phone rang with 60 phone calls. SIXTY!!! And that was just while I was here in my 5 hour shift! I was able to physically answer about half of them and each time I was on the phone, at least two more calls would come in. And keep coming in until it was like having the phone permanently plastered to my ear and just a constant stream of conversation.

The real problem here is that we are a mom and pop operation and that there is normally only one person here at any given time - well, one worker here at a time, the place can be swarming with customers. It is not humanly possible to answer each and every call (politely) and some of the calls are with questions that are not even for our store but for information that people can look up themselves on the internet but just don't want to. I'm griping, I know. Sorry. But in the last two days, both Michelle and I have been near tears by the end of the day because there is no end in sight to the madness.

Now, I am all for customer service - I've worked in it my whole life between the deli's, the catering and the retail management, but there are days where it is just not possible to keep the Stepford Wife smile on my face and have the perky voice to answer every single question that comes over the phone lines. I JUST CAN'T DO IT!

Now, I really must go...the phone is ringing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Seventeen Switcheroo

I am still basking in the glow of our 17th wedding anniversary when something strange hit me. My husband is different. He looks like Frank, walks like Frank, talks like Frank. Therefore, he is Frank.

Except he's not.

There were several strange acts of behavior this weekend that set off the warning lights. Case #1: Friday, he only worked a half a day. This normally leads to panic about paying the bills and a very cranky man lying about the house complaining. What I got? A man who came home and took his family out to lunch. Willingly! Case #2: I had to work on Saturday even though Saturday's are my day off. The man was not happy about it. He griped as I walked out the door. This would normally lead to his calling me at work a bajillion times - for no real reason - except possibly that he could not find...oh, I don't know, mayonaise (or something equally stupid). Were there any phone calls? No. Was the house clean when I got home? Yes. Did he willingly take me out to dinner that night instead of waiting for our actual anniversary? Yes.


Case #3 has stumped me the most. I had the opportunity to sleep in yesterday. And I did so. I slept OBNOXIOUSLY late. I dragged my worthless body out of bed somewhere a little after noon. It felt glorious. In such a lazy state, I had no desire to make lunch. This would normally lead to demands of everyone fending for themselves no matter what there was (or wasn't) in the house to eat. What I got? The man (God love him!), went and got us lunch. And as if that wasn't enough, I had flippantly mentioned that I was tired of how our furniture was arranged in the bedroom and he went in and began the task of dismantling things so that we could rearrange the furniture to my liking! But WAIT! That's not all...when the room was almost to where we wanted it to be, I realized that in all of my over-sleeping laziness, I never took anything out for dinner. The man went and got CHINESE!!!

So, as I relaxed last night in my newly arranged room, exhausted from all of the moving and the cleaning, I asked 'what's up?' His response? "I just love you". Seventeen years later (nineteen if you count the dating) and I still get like a love-struck girl when he says it. He swears that all this has nothing to do with my smokin' hot highlights or my getting-thinner-everyday-body.

Whatever the reason, I'll take it!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

17 Years Ago Today...

I married the man of my dreams.

Awww.....isn't that sweet!

On August 3rd, 1991 Frank and I were married. I woke up that morning in my dad's house that he bought only weeks before because he thought it would look good in wedding pictures. And it did. I remember getting up really early and sitting in the living room watching an old episode of "Tennessee Tuxedo". I went to get my hair done and then came home and took a relaxing bath in their mansion-sized sunk-in tub. My sister showed up - she was my maid-of-honor - and then my uncle (who was the photographer) was there and all of the picture taking began. Thank God for air-conditioning and the fact that dad's new house was so nice on the inside because August heat was rough. I had to use all silk flowers because we didn't want them to lilt!

My best friend Lori was my only other bridesmaid. Lori and I had an odd relationship - we went out to eat a LOT. I mean, we hung out and could make eachother laugh like nobody's business, but somewhere, somehow, no matter what was going on, we'd end up going someplace to eat. So when I had to give her directions to my dad's house, it was done using food places instead of street names. It went something like, "Okay, you know the deli by the Carvel? You use the left fork. When you get to the hot dog truck where we went that day for lunch? Turn right. Then go down until you hit that traffic light with the other hot dog truck, you know, the one we didn't like as much? Yeah, turn left there. When you get to the Dunkin Donuts, turn right." And the funny thing is, she knew EXACTLY how to get there! Frank and I still laugh about that one to this day.

We had a lovely, short church ceremony where we really lucked out. The church was pretty booked that day and there was another wedding coming in almost immediately after ours and so all of that brides flowers were set up and so I did not have to do any decorating of my own! Sweet! We had a long break between the church and our reception so we went back to dad's for more pictures and he, deli owner that he is, had out a full spread of food. At one point, I stripped down to just my slip because it was so hot, but that lasted for all of 10 minutes before it was time for more pictures.

At the hotel for the reception, we hung out with our bridal party in the bridal suite and ate a bit. Frank's shoe broke somehow, and by this point I was exhausted. But FINALLY it was time to got down to the reception and it was the BEST! Our music was great, the food was great and I have to say, out of all of the weddings that I've ever been to, I loved mine the most. The most memorable moment was when we sat down to eat our main course, the DJ started playing "American Pie" and the entire room sang! That was really cool. That song makes us smile every time we hear it and that moment always comes to mind.

So here's to 17 years of marriage to the man that I love and to at least another 17 more. I love you, baby!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Okay, I'm Back

Just in case you think your "think thin" wishes don't come true, I'm here to tell you that they do. Hey, I rhymed! Cool. But seriously, I had a big heaping plate of ravioli for dinner last night and then I gave in and had the darn Dairy Queen - and it was fabulous! - and I got on the scale this morning and had a 2 pound weight loss! OMG!! That makes 17 pounds so far!!! I rock. I think that when I actually got the DQ home, I probably resembled Michael in this picture!

So, feeling that little boost of confidence, I got on my treadmill and 80's discoed my way through a 60 minute walk. When I was done I slid in to a pair of pants that are labeled a size 6. Seriously, if you want to feel good about yourself, run to the SuperTarget and buy a pair of these pants. I want them in every color. They are Merona capris - stretch denim. I look quite sassy in them today and have had to beat Frank off with a stick!

They're on sale for $11.98 this week. Run, ladies, RUN!

So, I feel encouraged and like I can go on, again. It's a good feeling to actually SEE some results. I also lost another 1 1/2 inches total body, so, Yea, Stace!