Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I'm still not liking it, but it happened anyway. I turned 40 today. Yes, 40. I can say it AND type it without wanting to vomit so that's a good sign, right?

I went to work today and the entire store front was decorated with black banners and balloons wishing me a Happy 40th. Sure they were slimming (being they were in black, but not cheery!). My buddy Bree came in and brought me some breakfast - which was yummy - and then proceeded to decorate some more with a red carpet runner, pink rose petals, a feather boa, a tiara, a princess wand, another party headband for me to switch to later on, a pink Happy Birthday banner and assorted feathery items for fun. OH! and a big, blinking diamond ring (yes, it actually had blinking lights in it and was the size of a door knob)! It was great!

My dad called. Amazing that he even remembered. Then Nick and Beckah gave me their gifts - a Tinkerbell sweatshirt, a Mickey Christmas ornament and TONS of chocolate. God, I love those kids! Next, my friend Lisa came in and gave me a card and some yummy tea. Her little girl - who is two - danced and sang for me. I had a LOT of birthday greetings and wishes on Facebook - which always make me smile. Then at around 1:00, Miss Cathleen and her kids came by to wish me a happy one and we were talking and joking around when the rest of my girls came around with brownies, balloons and cards and gifts and we had ourselves a little party at the bookstore! Danette makes the BEST brownies in the world. I am blessed by friends who bake well. Cathleen makes incredible chocolate pies and Danette has officially (in my book) been awarded the best brownie and cupcake maker. Yummy! My beeg got me a new pocketbook that I had admired on black Friday - what a good friend that she took note of what I commented on - in passing - during all of our shopping hoopla!

But wait, while we were all laughing and eating and commenting on how ridiculous I looked in all of my birthday gear, they handed me a piece of paper that said that I was invited to a party Saturday night in my honor - an 80's party!! I finally have a reason to go out in public with my big, teased hair and listen to Bon Jovi around other people!!! Could there be a more perfect gift for me??? I don't think so!! My friends - and husband (who is a co-planner to this party) - totally rock. I am so psyched about this party that I can hardly stand myself.

You know there will be pictures, so stay tuned!


Nani said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Stace, Happy Birthday to you!

Sorry I missed the brownine!

Enjoy your day!

Loralee Choate said...

Happy, happy freaking birthday!