Friday, December 19, 2008

A Letter to a Lying Thief...

I work at a wonderful little bookstore. I love my job. I love my bosses/co-workers. I love MOST of our customers. I've vented about customers in the past but there is one that if I could, I would ball her out completely. But out of respect for my friends/co-workers/bosses, I have refrained. Well, here is my vent...

Dear Customer:

It has come to my attention that your main goal in life is to come in to our store and do nothing but try to steal from us. When you first came to us as a new customer, we did everything to assist you in your need to home school your children. I know this for a fact because all of us who have ever worked here are particularly attentive to the "newbies". I know that you were no exception.

Out of the last five times you were in our store, you have tried to return merchandise that you purchased over two years ago - and had the nerve to try and lie about when you purchased it even though we have it on our computer and then you argued with me about it - you have also tried to return other items after the return policy period REPEATEDLY! You have been disrespectful to all of our employees as well as the owners, you've been nasty to our teachers and have been no better than a common thief in your ways. Last week's visit you took advantage of a situation in our store where the owner's husband was in for her while she was sick and LIED to him about credit on your account. He gave in to you with hopes of being DONE with you. But no, you came back today and harassed yet another employee with your lies in an attempt to get money from us that you were not owed. That is called STEALING.

If it were up to me, you would no longer be allowed to shop in our store and I would send word out to all other stores in the area with your name, photo, phone number and e-mail address and warn them all of your behavior. You've done nothing illegal just immoral and hateful otherwise I would have called the cops on you already and danced with glee as they took you away. People like you do not deserve the kindness and grace my employers have shown you and I think it's time that you took responsibility for your actions and take your business elsewhere.

I don't even know how you manage to look at yourself or even dare try to teach your children. I can only hope that your lying, thieving ways are not being inflicted on those poor kids. May God have mercy on you.

One Who Has Had Enough

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