Sunday, December 7, 2008

All that and a can of hair spray...

Oh, what a night! My girls know how to throw a P-A-R-T-Y!!! I have to admit, I had no idea what to expect for the evening, all I knew was that we were all dressing in 80's attire. And just so you know, that was no easy task to accomplish. Apparently, leg warmers and shoulder pads are no longer in style. Where was my memo on that???

I was feeling young and hip when my hair and make-up were done. I mean, at that moment I was thinking "I look EXACTLY like I did the night of my prom!" I was ready to pull out the prom pictures just to compare and prove that theory to anyone who would DARE to disagree but then thought better of it. But let me just say, in my eyes (which are at -475 & -525 without my contacts, but don't let that sway you), I looked like 18 again. My outfit for the evening consisted of an acid washed denim mini skirt, a light blue tank top with an over-sized button down shirt tied at the waist, leg warmers, Keds, big hair, big earrings, tons of beaded bracelets, and hot pink lipstick. I was so rocking this party.

When I arrived, all of my dearest friends were there and they had transformed the bookstore in to something else. The first classroom had all of the food and a wall put up that had posters that contained facts from all of the significant years of my life - the year I was born, the year I graduated, the year Frank and I got married, the year each of my children were born and finally, the year I turned 40 (and wanted to die). My girl Cathleen put a LOT of work in to that one and it was really cool - apparently Miley Cyrus was born the same year as my son. Who knew? The color theme was mostly blue - with a little bit of black thrown in (by Michelle's suggestion, I am sure!) which was great since I was wearing shades of blue. We are all like one scary brain! Everyone dressed the part and looked great. Danette looked adorable, by the way, a total Valley Girl.

In the second room, there were lighted disco balls spinning, 80's rock was blaring and there was a tv set up showing a video/picture montage of me through the 80's! Seriously, those pictures could have been taken YESTERDAY I looked so young! We laughed and danced and even had a great sing-a-long to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light". Now THAT was something to see - a bunch of fairly conservative Christians singing about doing it in the car as a teenager! Thank God no one invited the pastor to this shin-dig! I think someone video taped that whole thing and it could be the next internet video sensation for all we know. Kudos to Danette and her team of decorators on the transformations of the rooms! They looked almost prom-like! We all had our pictures taken under specially designated balloons. I'll have to get copies of everyone's and send them out in their thank you cards! And FYI my friends, I'm not taking this picture down. You all look FABULOUS!!

My cake was made especially for my by my good friend A.D. who, in my opinion, should have a spot on "Ace of Cakes". It was AMAZING. I almost hated to cut in to it because it was so beautiful! Chocolate cake with caramel icing - I mean, what's not to like? I'm enjoying some RIGHT NOW as I write! Carol, if you are reading this, you better come over soon if you want a piece.

And my Beeg? Well, she was all that and a bag of chips! She was like Johnny on the spot last night with the camera and playing Vanna while I opened my presents. What a girl! I will have like 200 pictures by the time we combine both of our camera's. Who's up for some scrapbook time??? Seriously, everyone should have a friend like this. I am truly blessed. And the girl can still do an amazing catwalk!! I'm saving THAT picture for her 40th birthday invitation! HA!

Ladies, I really don't know who was in charge of what but what you all did was amazing. I thank you for your patience with my husband - because believe me, after 20 years together, I KNOW how uncooperative he can be - and not even on purpose!

But the highlight of the night...At 9:15 my teenager called because we forgot to pick him up from work. We were 15 minutes late, it wasn't like he had to sleep there over night or anything! So, all of us 80's ladies piled in to my friend Bree's van and drove to pick him up! We pulled up in front of the supermarket and like a swat team, we were like "GO!" and lept out of the van and went inside in search of him. When the manager saw us, I asked for him and she paged him over the loud speaker! "Nick, your party is waiting for you up front." When he came up the aisle, we all screached "NICK!!!" while waving our arms in the air (like we just didn't care!) and looking as we did...well, I don't think there's a word for the shade of red he turned. Classic!

So to sum it all up...ROCKIN' 80's party! I still look good with big hair and hot pink lip stick. AND I got to embarrass my child on the same night.

My work here is done.

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Anonymous said...

The tiara was the perfect touch Stace. Happy Belated! What awesome friends. Much happiness to you.
Still 39 w/my big ol'smile