Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amazon, Amazing and AMEN!!

I know I said that I might let the blog go but I have to be honest, I miss it.  I love coming here and just ranting and rambling and really, I seem to have a never-ending list of things to rant and ramble about!

Life is a precarious balancing act right now.  I'm happy, I'm scared, I'm a little bit angry and there is a whole lot of uncertainty in many areas.  A lot, right?  Okay, so here's the run down on what's going on.

Books.  OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.  Let's see, the last time I wrote I had released book number two in my Montgomery Brothers series, "Trust in Me".  It's done well on the charts but amazingly enough, it never hit the heights as the first book, "Wait for Me". I'm okay with that; I'm just thrilled that people actually read my stuff!  Who knew?

Earlier this month I released another book, "In the Eye of the Storm".  This book was the one that a New York agent wanted to represent but ultimately could not sell and it was also a top five finalist with Harlequin for their Desire Editor's Pitch Challenge.  Clearly people liked it so I decided to just release it myself.  So far?  The numbers aren't too bad.  I had tried pricing it a little bit higher than the other, at a whopping $1.49, but after two weeks of so-so sales, I lowered it to .99 cents and it's flying.  As much as I hate doing it, it seems like the way to a reader's heart is a .99 cent eBook.  Lesson learned.
I collaborated with four other indie authors and we put out a box set that is a collection of contemporary romances that all deal with CEO's as main characters.  It's called "Loving the CEO".  My book "Catering to the CEO" is part of it and right now the set is available for only .99 cents.  There's that price again, right?  Well, THAT is flying up the charts and if all goes as planned, we are hoping to see it hit the USA Today bestseller list.


Actually, it is my dream to hit the USA Today list with a single title but I'll take the success where I can get it.

Book number three of the Montgomery series will be out mid-August and I am starting to get some serious fan interaction on Facebook.  It's kind of cool.  THEN...because I am just loving the author thing, I broke into the top 100 Overall Authors on Amazon!  EEK!!  I'm talking OVERALL!  Not categorized by genre (although I am on FIVE of those in the top 100) but the whole shebang!  That was mind-blowing!

So...with all of the good things happening with the writing, something had to give.  I will be leaving my office job in two weeks.  It was not a decision that I made lightly.  I used to enjoy my job and I love the people that I work with but there have been some changes being made and I sort of got put in an awkward position and, long story short, it became blazingly obvious that it was time for me to leave.  I'm excited to be able to focus on being a full-time writer but I'm terrified to sort of be flying without a net!

We had a major power surge hit the house two weeks ago and it blew out our stove and refrigerator.  I THOUGHT my insurance was going to cover it, but they are not.  So we had to go and buy replacements.  Thanks for NOTHING.  They told me that surges weren't covered but have yet to answer me on what exactly has to happen to my stuff for it to be covered! 

Basically, I've been busy.  Tonight I'm working on tweaking the new book cover and eating some gelato to celebrate my Amazon Author Ranking.  I'm feeling pretty sassy right now.  If you look at the post below this one, you'll see the video for an interview that I did.  My first ever video interview!  Not my greatest look but all in all, a total blast. 

Please share the book links with your friends; please buy the books.  I would LOVE to keep climbing the charts and feel a little more secure in my new-found employment!  Let the journey begin!!