Wednesday, March 31, 2010

State of Confusion

Now I know that every 28 days or so, I am going to act irrational and make my family crazy. I'm going to say things that make no sense and generally be pissed off at everything. I'm aware of this, my husband and kids are aware of this, and 5-7 days later all is right with the world.

Sometimes, though, it is hard to figure out other people's issues and what makes them behave the way that they do.
For example, a little over a month ago I was upset at something someone told me. I laughed it off at the time but deep down, I was pissed. When it got out that I was pissed, this person turned it around on me. Like I had no reason to be upset, how dare I, blah, blah, blah and then they proceeded to call me every name in the book, told me to grow up and that they were tired of my sh*t. Message received: Now you're pissed. We haven't spoken since and I think it is amazing how it is okay for this person to be pissed at what I said but I have no right to be pissed at what she said. And NOW they want to complain that I won't call them and so they're pissed at that, too!

Could I say the word pissed any more?

Next up, my dad. We haven't spoken since July and the whole birthday party fiasco. Bottom line is that he's pissed that I griped about him here on the blog - or at least I think he is but being that he won't return my calls, I can't be sure. So if that is his reason for being mad, why then, was it okay for his crazy wife to write all kinds of bad things about me, my sister, our kids, my husband, my uncle, my aunt, my step brother, my stepmother...I mean the list was endless! Why was her behavior acceptable and not mine?

Why is okay for someone to claim that something is offensive to them but you cannot say that them taking offense is offensive? Or that they believe that nothing that they do is offensive to anyone?

When did it become mandatory for us to all think the same and have to enjoy all of the same forms of entertainment? Or support the same causes?

Is it good manners when you are in a group meeting and invite everyone in the group to a social event except for one person?

Is it okay to snap at someone else's kid because they are expressing their opinion on something that pertains directly to THEM and you don't agree with it?

Deep questions and scenarios, I know...but they were on my mind.

*Today's article is on an on-line homeschool conference through the Old Schoolhouse magazine. You can read about it HERE. Thanks!*

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

But I don't feel that fat!

So last week I'm in the supermarket and I'm getting ready to check out and I see a rag sheet that has this horrid picture of Lisa Marie Presley on the cover that says "Lisa Marie Weighs 165 Pounds!" - or something very similar to that. Now, this picture is grainy, blurry and she looks HUGE. Why does this bother me so much?

Because that's how much I weighed a few weeks ago and didn't think I looked THAT bad!!

Tonight I'm sitting here watching "Celebrity Fit Club" and some actress that used to be on Baywatch looks pretty chunky and hideous and she's like 40 pounds thinner than me!

So what is wrong with me and my sense of perception if I don't see myself as looking as bad as these people who the general population would agree looked bad? I am two pounds away from my 10% challenge at Weight Watchers. I'm pretty excited about it and can only hope that I hit that soon. I'll get to put my name on the big wall. Ooohhh....Aaahhh!

It may be a small goal, but it's my goal. My own warped, stupid and apparently delusional goal. I mean, like it's gonna make any difference. I'm as fat as a really fat Lisa Marie, and I must have really, really heavy bones because the Baywatch chick weighs like 130 pounds and I feel like our bodies look similar.

I may have to get my eyes checked again soon!

*Today's article is on how to get your FREE copy of the History Channel's "America - the Story of Us". You can click HERE to read it! Thanks!*

Monday, March 29, 2010

Undercover Boss

Okay, so I promised myself that I wouldn't watch this show because in the beginning, when it was just the promos, I thought it looked stupid. On the second or third week it was on the air, I watched (I was bored) and I got hooked. Have you seen this show? Sunday nights, CBS, right after Amazing Race.

So here's the thing, these CEO's go undercover within their companies and see how it all makes them money. Okay, that sounds a little harsh but really, they go to all of the jobs where really all of the action is and hard work and see how the employees do their jobs. The cool thing is that these guys actually WORK. When they are undercover they are mopping floors, packing trucks, taking calls, meeting with customers...there is nothing that is off limits.

At the end of each episode, they call the employees that they were in close contact with and reward them in some way, shape or form. They'll get raises, a scholarship to go back to school, promotions, again, nothing is off limits.

What I find funny during these episodes is that these guys go undercover and so they disguise themselves a little bit and stay in low-end motels so they don't tip anyone off that they are millionaires. I get the disguise, but really? The low-end motels? That's just unnecessary. I'm not saying they should stay at Trump Towers or anything, but would a Holiday Inn be too much to ask? On the last episode, not only was this CEO staying at some no-name place, but he was eating a no-name TV dinner! Come on! They're undercover, not destitute! I just think that I'd almost have more respect for these guys if that end of it were a little more realistic.

If you haven't watched it yet, you should check it out. It's one of the few reality TV shows that does some good.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Children's Miracle Network and Hershey's

Hershey’s has partnered with Children’s Miracle Network and this Easter Hershey’s will donate up to $5000 to CMN through the Better Basket Blog Hop campaign. It’s so easy to participate and will only take a few minutes of your time. Hershey’s will donate $10 per post up to 500 posts. When we are all done that will be $5000 raised for Children’s Miracle Network!

Here’s all you need to do.

* Create a blog post giving a virtual Easter Basket to another blogger – you can give as many Virtual Baskets as you want.
* Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket.
* Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket.
* Leave your link at comment section. You can also find the official rules of this #betterbasket blog hop, and more information about Better Basket with Hershey’s there.
* Hershey’s is donating $10 per each blog participating to the Better Basket Blog Hop to
Children’s Miracle Network (up to total of $5,000 by blog posts written by April 4th, 2010).
* Please note that only one blog post by each blog url will count towards the donation.

I found out about this on It's Just Me...Roo. I’m sending Easter Baskets along to Jenn at My Kids are My World, Lola at Lola's Diner and Vicki over at Frugal Mom Knows Best.

And to YOU. So pass it on, peoples.

You can follow the giving on Twitter using hashtag #betterbasket.

Thank you to Hershey’s for making a difference and giving us the chance to participate!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Glad this week is coming to an end!

It has been a rough week. I am thankful that it is Saturday and that I have nothing that I have to do. Why so rough, you ask? Well, it's mostly the usual stuff, although, Praise God, Frank has been working.

I fought with Nick on Monday in the middle of the Super Target. Not fun.
I gained .2 pounds at Weight Watchers. Not horrible, but still a gain.
I found out that my father had a mild heart attack and will have surgery next week.
Someone who told me off a month ago and cut me out of their life is now whining and complaining because I haven't called them. WTF???
I got friend requested by someone on Facebook that I haven't spoken to in three years - but rather than just send the friend request, they felt the need to add a "guilt note" so that if I didn't respond, I'd look like the bad person.
It's our last week of track out. Michael goes back to school on Monday so my days of sleeping in are over for the next 9 weeks!
I have no plans for Easter.

I know, whah, whah, whah. Cry me a river! Both boys slept out last night and Frank is leaving for work now so I have a little peace and quiet. I may workout - not enough time to get to the Y.

I DID, however, get to go out with the girls last night. We hit this beautiful mall in Durham (which I must go back to) and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory - which is always awesome. The only down point of the night was the weather. It was cold and rainy. There were a lot of outdoor parts to the mall so we couldn't fully explore them but I plan on going back soon. Maybe I can drag Nick with me one morning while Michael is at school! I mean, what 18 year old boy would NOT want to go to the mall with his MOM???

Have a great weekend everyone. Oh, and Beeg? Thanks for driving last night!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guilty (Secret) Pleasures...

I have to admit, I saw this title on the sidebar here on my blog under the BlogHer ad and clicked on it and it made me laugh and so I am making my contribution to it here and hoping I can entertain you!

Favorite Don't-Look-At-My-iPod-Display Band
I am a fan of all things 80's rock so most of what is on my iPod would shock most of my friends - Poison and Def Leppard are tied for first. But on a comical note, there are also some Jackson 5 songs and even one by the Osmonds!

Favorite Supermaket Rag
I've already admitted to reading them but when I am on line at the supermarket, I seem to always scan through Star magazine

Favorite Gossip Site
TMZ - without a doubt

Favorite Movie You Have Never Admitted Until Just Now That You Love
This one is hard for me because I have been doing Chick-Flick Fridays where I share all of my guilty pleasures in movies! But if we were being totally honest, I really loved "The Main Event" with Barbara Streisand and Ryan O'Neal. Corny, but I love it!

Best Sex Scene In a Movie
Geez, it's been so long since I've actually seen a movie with a sex scene...comically, I would choose "Young Frankenstein" when Peter Boyle's Frankenstein kidnaps Madeline Kahn. THAT was hysterical. But more traditionally? The Sex and the City movie...that guy was a HOTTIE!

Most Embarrassing Celebrity Crush
Still Joe Jonas

Television Show On Which You Want a Walk-On Role
comedy - How I Met Your Mother
drama - NCIS

Song That Makes You Table Dance
I'm ashamed to admit that I have a few of these! First would be Def Leppard's "No Matter What", Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" and then lastly perhaps a little of Abba's "Dancing Queen"! Yikes!

Favorite Trashy Novel
Oooohhh, that's a good one...I don't know it I'd call it "trashy" in the traditional sense but back in her early days, anything by Sandra Brown.

Favorite Movie To Be Depressed By
aka: Movies that make you cry. "Beaches", "Terms of Endearment", "Castaway", "The Green Mile", ...but out of all of them, Terms does me in and depresses me the most. When Debra Winger has to say good bye to her kids?!? Killer!

What are some of your guilty pleasures??

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am blessed...

Besides having a wonderful mother, I have been blessed to have some amazing women in my life who were and are mother figures to me. I feel like God made it possible to have these women in my life at times when I really needed them.

Back when I was 19, my mom and I were living with my grandmother. Well, I was 19 and a bit rebellious, mom was seriously dating a man that she would eventually marry and grandma had the tough task of being in the middle of it all. When I felt that I could no longer live with confusing rules and the input of a man who was not my father, I decided to move out. My best friend at the time was a guy named Kerry who had an awesome mom. Steph was a single mom who was ultra cool and told it like it was. We had become close because I was always at their house and when I told her that I wanted to move out, she offered me the opportunity to rent a room in her house.

It was an experience that changed my life.

For a year I lived with Steph and learned what it was like to be independent - that it wasn't all about me and that there were responsibilities that went with living on your own and that I had no right to be such a brat at times. Steph treated me like an equal and let me know when I was screwing up but she also encouraged me and praised me when I did right. I grew up so much during that time and I feel like had I not had that time, I would not have been able to handle the transition of living with my husband.

Anyway, the last time that I had seen Steph was at my wedding in 1991. We recently reconnected on Facebook (gotta love it!) and the other day she sent me a message saying how she loves getting these little snippets of my life, but she'd really like to talk to me. So I sent her my phone number and she called me on Sunday. I was so excited!! It was wonderful talking to such a dear friend and it seemed like 19 years just disappeared. She is presently in Florida visiting family and will be driving up to New York next month. We are trying to work it out that she can stop here on her drive.

Can I just say how psyched I am about that!! I am just hoping and praying that it all works out and how AWESOME is it that she would even want to stop and see me! I mean, I was a self-centered brat at that point in my life and yet she still loved me enough to want to help me and still loves me enough to want to see me and see how my life is. She was an amazing mentor and she is my adopted mom and I love her.

Yeah, me!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Meme...

I got this from Lola over at Lola's Diner. I love her! I hadn't done a Meme in quite some time and this one looked like fun. Thanks, Lola!

The Eight Tens Meme


1. Are you single? No

2. Are you happy? For the most part, yes. I wish that we were a little more financially secure and that we lived someplace different but I have two great kids and a great marriage.

3. Are you bored? A little. Sunday TV stinks.

4. Are you naked? Who does that while they're blogging?

5. Are you a blonde? No. I used to have blonde highlights in my brown hair but I recently got rid of them.

6. Are you moody? According to my family, all the time!

7. Are you a lover/hater? Depends on the topic.

8. Are you hot/cold? I'm normally pretty warm or hot. I need a fan blowing on my at all times to be comfortable.

9. Are you Irish? No.

10. Are you Asian? No.


1. Name: Stacey

2. Nicknames: Stace, Mom, ...probably more that I am not aware of.

3. Birth mark: No.

4. Hair color: brown

5. Natural hair color: Yes

6. Eye color: green/hazel/blue...depends on the day

7. Height: 5' 2

8. Facebook Mood: Annoyed

9. Favorite color: blue

10. One Place to Visit: Um...faithful readers, say it with me...DISNEY!


1. Do you believe in love at first sight? Absolutely

2. Do you believe in soul mates? Yes.

4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally? Yes

5. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Actually, I don't think so.

6. Have you ever been cheated on? Yes

7. Have you ever liked someone and not told them? Yeah, kind of regret it now even though I am with the man I am meant to be with

8. Are you afraid of commitment? Never!

9. Who was the last person you hugged? My husband

10. Who was the last person you kissed? My husband


1. Love or lust? BOTH!

3. Cats or dogs? I prefer dogs but we have a cat

4. A few best friends or many regular friends? I kind of have both - I have a few best friends who I love and adore, but I also have a lot of just regular friends.

5. Television or internet? Both. I multi-task!

6. Chinese Or Indian? Chinese food, definitely. I could eat it daily! Stupid Weight Watchers won't let me, though.

7. Wild night out or romantic night in? Romantic night - all the way!

8. Money or Happiness? I already have happiness without money but to be honest, having a little money wouldn't hurt!

9. Night or day? Day

10. MSN or phone? I have no idea what this means.


1. Been caught sneaking out? Nope

2. Been skinny dipping? Yup

3. Stolen? Hmmm...

4. Bungee jumped? No way!

5. Lied to someone you liked? Unfortunately yes. But in my defense I was young and stupid!

6. Finished an entire jaw breaker? No - they have no appeal to me

8. Wanted an ex bf/gf back? Yes, but again, when I was young and stupid

9. Cried because you lost a pet? Yes.

10. Wanted to disappear? Sure...who hasn't?


1. Smile or eyes? Both.
2. Light or dark hair? Either.
3. Hugs or kisses? Both. And at the same time!
4. Shorter or taller? Taller
5. Intelligence or attraction? Both.
6. Romantic or spontaneous? Both.
7. Funny or serious? Both.
8. Older or Younger? Older
9. Outgoing or quiet? Either.
10. Sweet or Bad Ass? Both.

11. RICH? That would be nice but totally not necessary


1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd? Yes

2. Ever done drugs? No! I saw what it has done to members of my family and have no desire to be like that!

3. Ever been pregnant? Um...yes!

5. Ever been on a cheer leading team? No

6. Ever Been on a dance team? Heck yes! Those years were the BEST!

7. Ever been on a sports team? I took bowling in college as my PE class. Does that count?

8. Ever been in a drama play/production? No

9. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? My mom had a Mercedes when I got my license and I learned to drive on that. But it was hers not mine.

10. Ever been in a rap video? Oh my gosh...could you even imagine!


1. Last phone call you made: To my girl Danette to see how her day is going

2. Last person you hung out with: Frank and I had a date last night but Danette and I hung out and did lunch on Friday

4. Last time you worked: At a real job? May of 2009.

5. Last person you tackled: Please...I'm too girly to tackle anyone. I'd probably hurt myself!

6. Last person you IM’d: Don't IM

8. Last person(s) you went to the movies with: Went to see Valentine's Day with my buddy Cathleen.

9. Last thing you missed: Still missing my Grandma.

10. Last thing you ate: Some over-done Weight Watchers popcorn. It wasn't good.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's official...I'm a prom pooper

Back in the day, I was all about the proms. I went to several of them and loved all that went with them - the dresses, the flowers, the guys, the friends, the was awesome! With Nick being homeschooled, I was kind of afraid of him missing out on this tradition. Then I remembered that he is a boy and proms and such don't matter to boys the way that they do to girls.

Okay, so then it was announced that there was going to be a homeschool prom. A REAL prom - it is being held at this beautiful historic estate, it is going to be formal with a catered sit-down dinner, dancing, the whole shebang. I told Nick about it, I guess other people told him about it, but he didn't mention it much to me. And then he did. He was sort of like "I guess we're gonna go". Not overly excited, but he was being a good boyfriend.

So the other night he is telling me of some of the dresses that his girlfriend was looking at and it hit me - there may be a dress code. I went to the website and sure enough, there was - along with a whole lot of other "codes". Now, I am a Christian, I believe in keeping our kids safe and as pure as we can. What I do not believe in is situations that are nothing more than structured/controlled free time that I have to pay $65 a person for. The prom is open to homeschoolers and alumni ages 14-21. That is a HUGE age gap. So I guess because of that, there has to be a LOT of rules. As a parent, I get it, as an 18 year old looking to have a nice night, this is not really it. One chaperon per 3 students, no going to your car without an escort, no "dangerous dancing" - I'm not even sure what that means!

So the 18 year old in me has some issues: First, I would NOT want to be at a prom with 14 year olds. Hell, I remember being annoyed at my senior prom when someone brought their junior girlfriend's as dates! We were like "Hey, get your own prom!" Second, we have raised our children to be respectful, God-loving adults. By practically having armed guards at the door seems to scream that we don't trust them. And finally, and I learned this from leading the graduation committee, there are just parents that want to have way too much control over their children's lives. I love Nick. I love his girlfriend. I have not loved all of their friends or their parents. BUT...we all had the opportunity to enjoy our proms by leaving our parents at home! Couldn't we show the same respect to our kids - maybe with a little modification? I know we need to have parents there but really? Three to one ratio? That seems a bit extreme!

The mom in me wants him to go. I want the pictures and I want him to have the memory. I am not thrilled with the cost, to say the least. I think that for that kind of money, I know I would enjoy having a little bit of a say in the evening. I have learned that my views are not shared with many. I am fighting many such battles with the graduation moms and I am frustrated to say the least. I know a lot of the moms who have worked hard on the prom and I commend them for it - I just don't share their enthusiasm for how it is all going to go down.

Part of the proceeds of the prom are going to an orphanage in another country. While I think that is a very noble thing, there are families HERE in this country, in this state, heck, in this TOWN that need help. People are losing their jobs, their homes, their LIVES...I think it is time that we help a few more of the locals. I don't begrudge anyone wanting to help this orphanage, but we should have the option to NOT give to that and give where we want to give.

Okay, so I am rambling. I know. The bottom line is, after reading all of the rules and regulations for PAYING to go to the prom, I don't know if Nick is going to do it. I will support his decision either way and hopefully be able to keep my mouth shut against the parents that have been badgering me about the whole thing. I've tried to keep my opinion to myself but I'm at the breaking point. Honestly, at this point, I'd rather coordinate a cocktail party for Nick and his friends and then let THEM choose a nice restaurant to go to where they can eat and dance with a little bit of freedom.

Like I said, ladies, those of you who are working on the prom, I really do appreciate all of your hard work. I think that this will be a wonderful night for a lot of people. Personally, it's just not my thing. I wish you great success with it but please do not be offended if we choose to opt out.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More celebrity nonsense...

Okay, I don't like to admit it but I do read some of the gossip mags. I go to, I check out the Star magazine...I'm not proud of it, but there, I admit it. So people of Hollywood, besides entertaining us on the big screen, have proven to be equally entertaining in real life with all of their nonsense and drama. I think the one thing I have learned, personally, is that it doesn't matter if you make millions of dollars, your life can still pretty much suck.

Case in point number one: Sandra Bullock. I really like her. I enjoy her movies. She married this guy named Jesse James and everyone was in shock because he was this tattooed wild looking guy and she was the wholesome girl next door. So here she is at the highest point in her career and what happens? It comes out that her hubby is cheating on her with some freaky chick who is tattooed from head to toe. Is anyone surprised? Probably not. I feel bad fro Sandra for having to be publicly humiliated after winning an Oscar for a wonderful role.

Case in point number two: Tiger Woods. You know, I was almost over the whole damn thing when one of the women he was involved with put up a web-site that showed all of the texts he had sent her. Really? I mean, hasn't the guy and his wife and kids been humiliated enough? All this woman proved was that she is more of a whore than originally proven. She knowingly slept with a married man, she already went public with it. The only reason for her to put up this web site was for not only are you a whore for sleeping with Tiger Woods, you're a money whore too and shame on you for just continually wanting to ruin someone's life. Were these 15 minutes of fame worth it? You will forever be a joke and no man (at least not a wealthy one, like you clearly want) is ever going to want anything to do with you.

And for the record, I did go to the site out of curiosity (my bad) and I find it interesting that she managed to NOT put her side of any of the conversations out there. If she edited her own crap out, how do we know that what she posted is even legit. I guess that makes her a stupid whore, too.

Case in point number three: the Kardashians. Why are they even famous, again? Oh, the poor sisters, all unlucky in love. Gee, I wonder why? Sister number one got pregnant with her sleazy ex-boyfriend who is a known cheater and liar. Why isn't this relationship working out??? Sister number two married a guy she had known only a month because her reality show was willing to foot the bill for the wedding. Their marriage is a shambles! GASP! How surprising! And poor sister number three can't get her famous football star boyfriend to propose. Boo-freakin-hoo. Do we really need multiple magazine covers to tell us about this?

When you read stuff like this you have to ask why we put these people, these celebrities on a pedestal. They are shallow, their lives are a mess and they clearly make very bad decisions. It just sort of makes you feel better about your own life, doesn't it?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It shouldn't be this hard to get a date!

You know, even us married folks need to go out on a date once in a while. When you have children, this becomes a huge issue. I thought that having a teen would make this task easier, but he is extremely social and his parents social life is of little concern to him. Having a ten year old means needing someone here with him before you go out.

So we thought that we had it all worked out. Michael got invited to a birthday party slash sleepover tonight. Excellent. We decided to tell Nick to make plans to sleep out and then we would be able to go out, have dinner, maybe a movie and come home and have our tiny house to ourselves.

Silly, silly me for thinking that this was even going to work.

Nick decided to sleep out LAST night. I guess I didn't get to him soon enough. So now I had to explain to him that while yes, it is fine that you sleep out on Friday night, could you maybe stay out a little late on Saturday too? I felt a little awkward, I have to tell you. I mean, we live in a really, really small house - I know I've mentioned that before but it's only like 1,000 square feet and our bedrooms are right next to one another. You can see every room from every other room in the house. So there really is no way to have total privacy.

I'm not saying that we want to swing from the chandelier or anything, it would just be nice to not have an audience on date night. That's not too much to ask, is it??

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Writings...

This has been a crazy-busy week for me and I'm coming off of being sick. I finally went to the doctor on Monday because I had had ENOUGH of feeling like crap. Turns out it's another sinus infection and I'm on antibiotics for 10 days. I would have felt better pretty quick but the weather here was crappy, too, and when it's overcast and whatnot, I tend to get a sinus headache. I'm just now starting to feel a little better.

Weight Watchers. Sigh. Okay, so I'm down about 15 pounds and was feeling really good and starting to really like the way that I look when suddenly I cannot stop myself from eating. Seriously.
It has been like random, mindless eating. Today after MOPS, I took Michael to get McDonald's to reward him for doing such a good job. I've eaten McDonald's since going on WW and I know what to eat to feed my craving without going overboard. Until today. I had to get the Angus Deluxe meal. I just HAD TO. But, in my defense, I did not get the cheese or the mayo on it so that helped. My coke tasted icky and I only ate a quarter of my fries. The burger totally rocked but I felt guilty and horrible for the rest of the day because I had blown it. And that's not including the gyro that I had for lunch on Tuesday while out with a friend or the beef with garlic sauce that I got from the Chinese restaurant Monday night when I didn't feel like cooking! Seriously, I am out of control.

My husband is making me crazy. Or should I say, making me feel like I'm going crazy. Frank is starting to get seriously forgetful. I'm talking about the kind of forgetfulness where he'll ask me a question, I'll answer it and ten minutes later he'll ask me again because he's forgotten. You know, once in a while we all forget something, but he's doing it a lot lately and I'm starting to get worried. I wonder if there is something OTC that you can take to boost your memory. Well, even if there was, I wonder if he'd take it.

I have majorly decluttered my house. I love that feeling. I tend to get bogged down with paper. It just seems to pile up everywhere and before I know it, there's not a clear surface anywhere in the dang house! Well, I tackled it all and it looks wonderful!!

I want to go to Disney.

We're getting ready to talk to the landlord about our bathroom. The tub is sinking and there are HUGE gaps between it and the wall and now there is a mold problem and it needs to be fixed properly. My bathroom is extremely tiny - you can sit on the bowl while brushing your teeth in the sink and washing your hair in the tub. It was horrible to maneuver around in there while I was pregnant. Very, very tight. So I'm thinking that he's going to give us a hard time about it because really, the tub needs to be replaced, the walls need to be repaired and the floor is going to have to be replaced. We are willing to do the work if he'll take care of the supplies. Frank and I are going to work up a price list of what we will need so that this guy does not stick us with crappy materials. We'll see how that goes. We'll probably have an answer by the end of the month. I've got my fingers crossed!

Actually, I had found a house that I fell in love with that was for sale. We have no money to buy a house but I was dreaming. It was 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, hardwood was beautiful. A friend of mine is married to a man that works for the town. When I told him about the house and the location he told me all KINDS of things that are going to be going on in that area that would NOT make it a good place to live! I was so thankful because now I can let that dream go and keep hoping and praying for a better place to live - and a boatload of cash to make that happen.

These are the kinds of things that run through my brain all night long!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's like living with a giant!

Michael is on track-out right now and so today when I went to work at MOPS, he came with me. He is 10, the kids that I watch are in the 12-18 month category. Most of them do not talk or they can say less than 10 words. They are as cute as can be but by the time my 3 hour shift is over, I am usually relieved that I no longer have little ones.

So today Michael is with me and he is rolling around on the floor, reading books, playing, etc. with all of these little kids and at one point he was standing up and handing out animal crackers to them (he looked like the Pied Piper!) and he just looked so darn big! I don't ever really notice it at home because he is the youngest and so no matter what, he usually seems small. Actually, that's not totally true, the boy has big feet - they are as big as mine and I wear a women's 8-8 1/2. He can wear my work boots with no problems. I notice when I hug him that he is getting taller but something about how he looked today surrounded by those tiny little adorable people just made my heart ache a little.

NOT that I'm saying that I want any little tiny people in my house that belong to me, it is just another reminder of how time is flying and there is no pause button to push to enjoy your kids while they are young.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How about a little help here!!

I may live in North Carolina now, but I grew up on Long Island. This past weekend they were hit with a really wild storm up there and there was much destruction and people have been without heat and electric for days.

Now, I don't know about you, but if I were living in such a place where this was going on around me and I KNEW people who were without heat and electric - especially someone elderly - and I, personally, HAD electricity and heat, I would invite these people in to my home. Even if it were just to take a shower or have a hot meal, I would let them in. If they could not come to me, I would go and GET them...or maybe bring them some extra blankets and some food.

What I would NOT be doing, is talking to them about how much fun I am having and how lucky I am to have electricity.

Do you see the problem here?

I am shocked that there are people who just refuse to open their homes or hearts to their friends, neighbors or relatives. And you know what? You can try and call it whatever you want but the bottom line is it is SELFISHNESS!!! You with the electricity and heat can candy-coat it anyway you want to ease your own soul-less conscience but the bottom line is that you are selfish and SHAME ON YOU!!

Nuff said.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dirty, rotten, lying, stinking people doing mean things to my kid!!

In case the title to this post didn't give it away, I am PISSED! I try not to get too involved anymore in certain aspects of Nick's life because he is 18 and about to graduate but when someone hurts him? I want to kick some major ass.

My boy has been working at a local supermarket now for almost 2 years. The only time he has ever missed work is when he had Mono. He comes in when they ask, he stays late when they need him. He is friendly and personable and people have actually complimented me on his work ethic.

When the economy was really tanking last year, they cut his hours from 28 to 6. He stayed. When it was time for his review and raise, they told him that there was a freeze on raises and so he would get one the next go-round. He didn't. Back in November they started praising him and hinting at getting him in to their management program. They encouraged him on ways to really make him look good to corporate and what not. The boy took it all to heart, improved his scan time and worked like a beast.

For nothing.

There was no promotion. There are no raises. There is no management program for him. They just wanted him to improve and work harder for THEM! So my child has learned that adults lie, they manipulate, that management doesn't care and that basically it is okay to not validate someone for a job well done.

I stopped shopping in his store because whenever I went in there, someone in management wanted to tell me the things that he was doing wrong. I mean, I get it, they want me to help make him a better employee and whatnot but he is now an adult and it is not my place to be interfering with his job. He is an individual and if they have a problem with him, then they should talk to him. Now after hearing what they did to him and how they lied, I see that this company just sucks and doesn't have a clue on how to manage their employees. I feel bad for him. I know that we've all had jobs that sucked and where we refer to as places that we never want to work at again but I was hoping that it wouldn't happen to Nick.

He's a good kid and a good worker and he deserves to be respected. We're on a mission now to find him another job where he will be appreciated and actually prosper. Wish us luck!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things I Miss From My Childhood...

I really don't know why kids think that growing up is so great. Sure there have been perks, but for the most part, I find myself longing for the things, the feelings, the places of my childhood.

I miss my Lazy Dazy doll. She was old and I was forced to give her up. I found one on E-bay and bought her but it wasn't the same.

I miss sitting on the porch swing and holding hands with my grandpa. He was the BEST. I wish my kids could have experienced even one day with him.

I miss the innocence of running around the neighborhood with my friends, riding bikes, playing ball in the field...all without adult supervision. My kids have never lived in a time where that was possible.

I miss big family get-togethers. When I was growing up, my dad's family was always around. They had a cousin's club that got together often. I don't know where most of my cousin's even live and I've never met any of their children.

I miss cooking with my Nana. Again from my dad's side of the family, we used to be at her house with my aunts and uncles and we'd make homemade pasta and it was amazing!!

I miss my Cabbage Patch doll. She's being held hostage and against her will in my ex-stepfather's attic and he won't give her back!

I miss Bugs Bunny cartoons. You know, the good ones.

I miss hearing the ice cream man - Mister Softee - and running to get a Mickey Mouse cone or a chocolate milkshake.

I miss swimming in the pool at night.

I guess what I miss most of all is the naivete
that went with being a child. You didn't know that people couldn't be trusted or that those who you love would never really love you back. I remember thinking that we were all equals and that we would always be happy. It didn't take long for that bubble to burst.

I long for the days when life was simple, relationships were simple and you were safe and secure in the knowledge that you were loved.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Celebrity Loss

Corey Haim passed away this week. I was never a huge fan of his but I've seen a lot of his movies and a couple of years ago, I tuned in a time or two for the reality show "The Two Corey's". I don't think many were surprised by his untimely death but it seems to me like there are some things we should look at and learn.

Okay, first, just like when Brittney Murphy died not long ago, the first assumption was drugs. Then the story claimed that she had "flu like" symptoms before she died. The same thing was said about Haim. In the long run, flu like symptoms or not, these young people are dead and they are SURROUNDED by prescription drugs. Heath Ledger. Michael Jackson. Brittney Murphy. Corey Haim. All dead. All young. All (well, with the exception of Michael Jackson) sick before they died. And all with way too many pills at their disposal.

We live in a relatively sick world -and I don't mean physically sick. I mean, we put celebrities up on a pedestal and there are people that just GIVE them whatever they want! Why? I mean, hey Doctor Feelgood? Do you think that by prescribing these numerous drugs that it is going to make you famous? I bet Doctor Conrad Murphy wishes like hell that he'd never even HEARD of Michael Jackson now. STOP PRESCRIBING DRUGS TO CELEBRITIES!! It never ends well!

I am genuinely sick right now and cannot afford to go to the doctor to get what I need. Some celebrity gets a hang nail and they are given strong pain killers. It's not right! We are watching people kill themselves with some assistance. Funny, but Jack Kavorkian got in to a lot of trouble for that sort of thing but these doctors who are slowly killing people by over-prescribing stuff just keep on going.

Is Corey Haim's death a great loss to the entertainment world? Not really. Is he a great loss to his family? Absolutely. His cancer-stricken mother will have to deal with all of the allegations of the kind of life he lead until her illness claims her. It's not right.

On MSN there was an article about what is it with child stars and addiction? Well, maybe it's because they are given everything that they want when they are children to the point of excess and when the fame is gone, they have nothing. No one is giving them anything. No one cares. There is no one cheering for them or congratulating them on their every move and breath. That's got to be a hard thing to deal with - having the world praise you and then throw you away. So they end up turning to drugs to kill the pain and numb them to their loss.

Here's a thought: How about treating actors like every other kind of employee in the world. They are doing a JOB! They are not heroes. They are not special. Stop throwing money and expensive stuff at them for doing their JOB! A ten year old kid doesn't need to own his own house. A twelve year old doesn't need his own car. Parents of child stars need to stop being greedy and give their kids a normal life. Look at the history!!! It doesn't end well for these kids more than 98% of the time!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

TV News, Reviews and Thoughts

I mentioned in an earlier post how I was loving the TV again. I have shows that I enjoy and really, I'm spending WAY too much time watching them. So because they are on my mind so much, I thought, why not post again?

Okay, the Academy Awards. Anyone watch? I have to admit, I switched back and forth a couple of times because I was really watching the Amazing Race - which I'll get to in a minute. I was glad to see Sandra Bullock win and Jeff Bridges win, and James Cameron lose. That guy just annoys me. But here's my thing with the Oscar's: Who is in charge of organizing who appears? Miley Cyrus? Really? Demi Moore? What was the last role that she did that was worth anything? There used to be a golden age of Hollywood - and that's why it was a pleasure to see someone like Lauren Bacall because she WAS somebody! Some of these people who presented or were even in the audience, had no reason to be there!

Oh, and another thing? Can someone PLEASE make gowns that don't have to be held up so dang much for people to walk. When Miley Cyrus and whoever that other young actress was, walked out, I mean, she was holding her dress up way too much for it to look normal.

Amazing Race - my favorite. I enjoy playing along while I am watching and wondering if Frank and I were to go on the show, could we do the challenges that they have the contestants do. On Sunday's show, they had to drink this GIANT glass of beer - it was a glass in the shape of a boot (probably life-size). Now, what if someone on your team - or both of you - were against alcohol? Would you be forced to forfeit the race and therefore lose a million dollars because of your principles? That doesn't seem right.

Next, Dancing with the Stars. Did you see the new cast? I don't think that they should allow such an uneven cast. You have an 80 year old ex-astronaut and a former Pussycat Doll who is TRAINED to dance!! How is that fair? And they are going to have to do a major tape delay with Pamela Anderson for fear of a wardrobe malfunction! You know, this show used to be fun with it's B-list celebrities and athletes but's just too much. And I was disappointed that they chose Brooke Burke as the new co-host instead of Melissa Rycroft. I really don't like particular reason, she just looks snooty.

That's just my TV thoughts for now...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It Really Is Fun!

Okay, so it's official...I got my membership to the YMCA. I went on Tuesday and finished my paperwork and got interviewed and then got a tour of the facility. There are two locations here in town and I was at the main one that is just ginormous but I think once Michael is back in school I will go to the smaller one.

There were two indoor pools and one outdoor pool, raquetball courts (SO not my thing), basketball courts (Another no for me), a walking track, several classrooms / studios for classes,
a rock wall, locker rooms (a mens, a women's, a girls, a boys, AND a family one!), then there was the wellness area that had all of the machines and weights and equipment. It was wild. They have a nursery/preschool and a class for older kids like Michael's age who are too young to use the equipment yet. His class has a Foosball table, a lego table, games...and they do occasionally go on the rock wall or out to the playground.

Today I went and just did 45 minutes of miscellaneous stuff - 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the bike and 5 minutes with the weights. Tomorrow I'm going for my official orientation where I'll learn how to use all of the machines and how much weight I should use on each of them. I'm looking forward to that because I'm kind of a spaz with that sort of thing.

Nick laughed at me last night when I told him I went. Well, not AT me, just in general while he sang the Village People's "YMCA" song. But you know what, they were is fun to stay there!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Toss the Confetti!

So as a homeschooler in North Carolina, you have to have your child take an end of year standardized test. When we first started homeschooling, I have to admit, I sort of felt like the tests were a measurement of me as a teacher. As time went on...well, I still sort of felt that way but Nick became more self-taught and so the pressure was really more on him.

Saturday Nick went for his test. He gets extreme test anxiety and there are a couple of different types of tests that we could do, so I chose the one that would cause the least amount of anxiety. Early Saturday morning we were up and out the door by 8:10 A.M. and were on our way. I asked Nick if he slept well. No. I asked if he had studied. No. Great. Now I've got anxiety.

The proctor who was doing the test was a gentleman who I had only met a time or two and Nick didn't know at all. When we arrived, he told me that I could leave. For 90 minutes. What is a mom to do with 90 minutes gifted to her?? I shopped the Wal-Mart. It was glorious. I had no real purpose, I just wandered around. Then, when I could wander no more, I purchased a bag of beautiful green grapes and a Star magazine and drove back to the testing site, sat in the car and ate and read. It was good.

Oh...and how did Nick do? Well, let me put it to you this way, he is in the 12th grade and he scored, on average, on grade 17 and 18!!! I was overwhelmed. The proctor is a high school teacher and he just gushed and raved about Nick. Needless to say, my son's ego was out of control but I thought it was well deserved. GO NICK!! I'm just so proud of him.

My boy totally rocks.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What a relief!

The other day I mentioned that this was the sickest winter for me. I cannot believe how often I have not felt well and was beginning to feel like a bit of a drama queen. while cruising the internet this weekend I cam across this quiz and thought it was funny - and helped me feel a little bit better about me.


You Are 36% Hypochondriac

You can deal well with being sick - even if your symptoms are a little scary.
You're occasionally prone to worry about your health, but only when you have pretty strange symptoms.

Are You a Hypochondriac?
Take More Quizzes

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Weekend...

So I managed to actually go through all of the dressers and closets yesterday and have a trunkload of stuff to take to Goodwill. Yeah, me! I organized the boy's room and it looks fabulous.

However, today I have one very sick little boy. He's been throwing up and has a fever. He's trying to blame it on the Quizno's that we had last night, but it's not. He's just got one of the many viruses that are going around right now. We finally got him to take some Motrin and he's going to try some soup.

I was hoping to keep yesterday's motivation alive and keep cleaning and decluttering but that will have to wait another day. I did get my membership to the YMCA approved and so I am going there tomorrow to finish the process and work out!

Have a great remainder of your weekend everyone!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three week goal...

As many of you may already know, my younger son goes to year-round school while my older son is homeschooled. This schedule does work for us, especially for the next few weeks. Why? Michael is tracked out! Year-round school maintains a schedule of 9 weeks in, 3 weeks out. We are now in our track out segment and I couldn't be happier. I love how we really look forward to this time because we have hit a point where getting up is tiresome, homework is tiresome, etc. This schedule no longer effects Nick because he is getting ready to graduate and really has little work to do anyway.

So for the next three weeks what do I have in mind? Well, for starters, the extra hour or two of sleep each morning is going to be GLORIOUS! I am loving that. I haven't written for the Examiner in a couple of weeks so I need to get back to that. We are going to go to the movies at least once - either just me and Michael or Nick might take him (such a good big brother!). I'd like to drop another 6 pounds during this time off - one has nothing to do with the other, really, but it's a goal. I put in an application with the local YMCA to see about a discount membership and so I am hoping that it will come through in the next few weeks so that Michael and I can go together. They have a rock-climbing wall that he really wants to try. I want to go bowling one day - I'm a sucker for that.

I want to have Michael do something more than be home playing video games all day - although I'm sure he wouldn't mind if he did! The weather is supposed to be warmer next week and so I am hoping that it will motivate us to get up and get out a little bit more. I am so ready for this winter to end!!

I think I may have to take some time and clean out closets and dressers. Both boys have had a growth spurt and I know I saw some things in my drawers that I am just never going to wear again. This school break seems like a good time to get some of it done.

Anyone have any goals they are trying to reach lately??

Friday, March 5, 2010

Nip/Tuck Farewell

I am skipping my usual "Chick-Flick-Friday" in order to say a fond farewell to a groundbreaking show - Nip/Tuck.

My sister got me hooked on this FX show several years ago and at times, I can say that I was thoroughly addicted. The show was about two plastic surgeons (originally based in Miami and later moved to Hollywood) who are also best friends. Sounds nice, right? This show was anything but. You had bizarre storylines about the kinds of surgeries people ask for in order to be beautiful while also dealing with the lives of the main characters of Dr. Christian Troy and Dr. Sean McNamara.

Oh, Dr. Christian I loved thee. He was just beautiful to watch but his character was just an awful human being. He lied, he cheated, he manipulated - he was a total man-whore - but he had one of the sexiest butts on TV!! He was a mover and a shaker and nothing was beneath him. On the flip side you had Dr. Sean McNamara who really, deep down, wanted to be a good guy, but tended to get caught up in Christian's lifestyle. He was married, had kids...but like any good cable show, that wasn't enough. He had affairs, got in to drugs but at the end of the day, he was the voice of reason in the partnership.

The show definitely had a shock factor and there were times where it verged on soft-core porn. There were tales of murder, mayhem, betrayal (Christian is actually the father to one of Sean's kids), I mean it went on and on and for the most part, it was very entertaining. But then, it just turned bizarre - and not in a good way. The storylines turned to the ridiculous and I have to admit, I haven't watched much in the last year. It was quite by accident that I even found out that the show's finale was on Wednesday night! But I did find out and tuned in and was glad that I did.

Most series when they are ending, tend to give you a "super-happy" ending. All of the stories are wrapped up nicely and everyone lives happily ever after. I was kind of hoping for some sort of shocking ending for Nip/Tuck. You know, something that left you so stunned that you WISHED there were more episodes. But this finale was done so wonderfully, so tastefully that I think some might have been disappointed. If you haven't seen it yet, don't read any further. SPOILER ALERT!!

In the end, you saw that Sean really did want to do what is right and finally break's free of his ties to Christian - at the hands of Christian himself. In the one selfless act of the series, Christian dissolves their partnership and pushes Sean to pursue the life that he wanted. Julia leaves to get married and takes the kids with her - but they part as friends. Matt...well, let's just say that he turned out exactly as you'd expect. It was kind of cool that they brought one of his old storylines around for the ending so it tied up nicely. And finally, Christian. Sigh. In the end we see Dr. Troy sitting in a bar having a drink. The woman sitting several seats away has an almost eerie resemblance to Kimber when we first met her way back when. He offers to buy her a drink, she refuses. When the bartender offers Christian another, he lets it purposefully slip that he can't because he has to operate tomorrow. The woman turns to him and says "You're a doctor?" To which he smirks and says "Plastic surgeon". She smiles coyly and you are reminded of how it all began...

Farewell, Nip/Tuck! Thank you for making me laugh, cry and cringe. It has been an entertaining ride.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

But how will he function??

I struggle daily with parenting. I have two boys who are eight years apart and are lightyears apart in their personalities and thinking. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I "get" Nick, I understand his thinking and thought process, Michael, not so much.

When Nick first started school, I was a class mother, I was heavily involved. He went to school until the end of the third grade and then we brought him home to homeschool him. Michael told us when he was three that he was NOT going to be homeschooled. He has done fine in the public school - I'm just not involved. It's not because I don't care, mind you, it's just that Michael has the type of personality where he already struggles with rules and not wanting to do what the teacher tells him and so my presence in the classroom was possibly going to undo all of the progress any of his teachers were making.

Now I am a firm believer in being kept informed when there is a problem at school. He is in the 4th grade now and we've had teachers who have told us every move he's made, while others have only contacted us when there was a REAL problem. I've talked to the principal a time or two, I've sat down with a "focus group" that was a committee of 8 people to try and discuss why he was struggling back in the third grade - he argued with his teach a LOT. It turns out that in the end, the TEACHER was the problem that year, not Michael.

Anyway, on Monday we get a note sent home from his PE teacher. It was a form letter with added comments that Michael was inconsistent and uncooperative with...jumping rope.

Seriously? Really?

I mean, this was a LETTER about my child's performance in jumping rope! Can he read? YES! Can he write? YES! Is her performing on grade level? YES! Is he a danger to himself or others? NO! Don't waste my time sending me a letter because my athletically gifted child (and he is) does not want to jump rope! The boy is a fast runner, he can hit a ball, dunk a ball, throw a perfect spiral, he can do flips in mid-air while running, he can do cartwheels, he rides a bike, climbs trees, climbs ropes, hell, he can even scale a wall! He does not NEED to jump rope! You know how I know this? Because I CAN jump rope and I still didn't finish college and I'm still unemployed right now! My husband can jump rope and he still struggles in finding work!

I think some of these teachers take things WAY too seriously. If Michael was hurting someone with the jump rope, then fine call me. Is he getting belligerent over being harassed over jump-roping? Probably. Instead of focusing on this one thing that he can't or won't do (and it's not of any importance to his life or his future) move on! Focus on what he CAN do! Kids self-esteems get CRUSHED by teachers like this! I know because it was one of the reasons we pulled Nick out of school all those years ago! He had a teacher get verbally and physically abusive to him and it was over drawing!

Teachers, I know your jobs are hard. I cannot imagine leading a group of 30 kids for 180 days and having all of those different personalities and learning styles to deal with. But like most parents, there are times where you can pick your battles. No one has ever failed in life because they could not jump rope. Be realistic. We all have it hard right now with life in general, don't add to it by sending home letters over the ridiculous.

Give me a break!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The sickest winter and other things in life

Honestly, I cannot remember a time in my life where I was ever as sick as I have been this Fall/Winter. It is really starting to bum me out. I have another sinus infection. I had to go to the urgent care/Minute Clinic on Sunday because I could not stand the pain any longer.

The last doctor that I went to with a sinus infection seemed to go way overboard on prescriptions. She didn't seem to see or feel anything on me when examining me but gave me an antibiotic and Vicadin. It was a little extreme, I thought. This time, different doctor, different practice, and she was WAY more cautious. She gave me a prescription nasal spray because I was telling her how much pressure I felt and how much pain I was in and then recommended just some OTC stuff - Sudafed and Advil for the rest. It's a much slower progress than the antibiotic/Vicadin coctail. Although, truth be known, I HATE Vicadin. I mean, it does okay with the pain but it makes me itch from head to toe. Not a good feeling. I still have some in the house for emergencies and I did take one the first night this infection hit because the headache would NOT go away but I ended up regretting it all night as I could not get in to a deep sleep with all of the itching!

Nick's driving a lot more now and his confidence is through the roof. It's nice to see this side of him. He's just so happy. He's getting a little bit more hours at work and he's finally getting serious about what he wants to do after graduation so I am happy. Michael is getting ready to track out of school for three weeks (thank you, year-round calendar) and so I am sort of looking forward to not having to get up at 6:15 every day for a couple of weeks. I love that feeling of an extra hour or two of sleep.

We're really starting to get in to graduation party planning. I am thrilled with how things are shaping up. There are some new family issues (aren't there always) but I am hoping that people will put Nick first. Really, everyone is welcome in my home except for one person - Nancy. Until I get an apology from her, I would not even consider opening the door for any of that craziness again. No thank you.

Other than that, I can honestly say that life is good. Work is still topsy-turvy for Frank; I can't wait for the nice weather so that he can have some stability again. I'm getting over this sinus thing, the kids are good, and we have a house full of laughter.

Good indeed!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Having fun with cooking

I had been feeling like I was in a cooking rut. I was bored with everything that I made and really, I found no joy in making dinners like I used to. Then I went on Weight Watchers and it got even more tiresome because no one wanted to eat "healthy" with me. I had complaints of things not being fried or not a thick enough sauce, blah, blah, blah.

So I was shopping a little over a week ago and picked up a Weight Watchers magazine that was all recipes - something like five ingredient/fifteen minute meals. To some this is not a big deal, but for me it is because I HATE following a recipe. They annoy me. I like to concoct and create. I'm very comfortable and at ease in my kitchen but like I said, lately, it was just a chore.

Some of the fun things I've found in this magazine are a recipe for a Greek-style pork tenderloin (Very yummy), a Southwestern Spinach Dip (Also yummy and satisfied my need for dip), a low-fat Caesar salad (very good) and Moroccan-style Salmon (not my favorite, but Frank & Michael loved it). Out of 191 recipes, I've gone through and checked off 120 of them that I would make. My goal is to try at least two new recipes a week.

Another fun meal I concocted the other night was a shrimp fajita portabello mushroom pizza. It was so easy and so filling and I will definitely be making it again. Here's the recipe (feel free to try this at home): 2 portabello mushroom caps (de-stemmed and scraped out), 4 oz. shrimp, 1/2 can of chopped tomatoes with green chiles, frozen sliced bell peppers with onions, low-fat shredded Mexican cheese (the 4 cheese blend), 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 tsp. of minced garlic.

Preheat oven to 400. When ready, place mushrooms on a greased cookie sheet and let cook for 7-10 minutes (or until slightly softened). Saute the garlic in the olive oil and then add the peppers and onions (I used about a cup of them). Cook for 3 minutes and then add the shrimp. Cook until shrimp is almost done then add the chopped tomatoes. Stir through to coat everything. Take mushrooms out of the oven and place your fajita mix in to each cap and then top with a little bit of the shredded cheese (or a lot, depending on how much you like). Bake for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and serve.

This was SO DANG GOOD! I was so full and so satisfied. I have some of the filling left over and so I ate it wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla and that was nice, too.

Happy cooking, everyone!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over...

I've just finished watching Forrest Gump for like the 40th time. I know that the technology has come a long way and that the special effects would be way better now, but it is still just an amazing story. I love Tom Hanks.

Some other movies that I love to watch over and over...
- When Harry Met Sally
- Young Frankenstein
- Galaxy Quest
- Blazing Saddles
- Emma
Sleepless in Seatle
- Where the Heart Is
- Seems Like Old Times
- Scrooged
- It's a Wonderful Life

How about you? What movies do you find yourself watching over and over? Please share! I'm always looking for something good to watch!