Monday, July 7, 2008

Those Were the Days...

Remember when you were growing up and you went to the school that was directly IN your neighborhood? Remember how it wasn't a scary thing to be eight years old and walking from the bus stop to your own home - which was only two doors down? Remember how our parents were actually INFORMED of changes going on in school? Well, I'm here to tell you friends that those days are long gone.

Today was Michael's first day of third grade. A momentous occassion to be sure. When we went to open house last week, there was not a single person there who knew what in the world was going on. Even his teacher was brand new - only hired three days earlier. We have a special situation - Michael gets dropped off by the bus directly to the bookstore since that is where I am most afternoons. We made special arrangements directly with the department of transportation. If I were to change that need, I would have to call them, fill out forms and make sure that everyone was notified. I, apparently, do not require that same consideration. We were told just last week that nothing would be changing - same bus, same stop, no problems. Only there was. When Michael got dropped off today, I was thrilled. Ten minutes after arriving at the store, I got a call from the school telling me that we could no longer have that stop because the town had been re-zoned for a new elementary school that went up five miles up the road and now the bookstore is technically in that zone.


So after several angry phone calls that were all met with the most incompetent of people, Michael now has to take a completely new bus directly to our home which requires the teenager to be here and not out and about making goo-goo eyes at his girlfriend (who I LOVE). Frank is breaking that little bit of news to him as we speak. Hee-hee! So, now I have to leave work and hopefully get home in time for the bus twice a week and twice a week it will be up to Nick to handle it. Not a big mess but it was all handled so poorly by the very people who organize it. Did they really not know until 3:00 today that "OOPS, the town was re-zoned!" I don't think so. They could not find my home address on a map and I live off of one of the major roads in town! So these incompetent idiots (yes, I'm in a mood and on a roll now!) are responsible for the safety of our children and they cannot even read a map! When I asked for the nearest bus stop to our home, I was told there was one about 4 blocks away! When I got home and looked at the map myself, I found one two doors down! So knowing me, you know I got on the horn and started writing letters. I wrote a nasty letter to the Department of Transportation, the Wake County Public School system AND

Watch your local listings for my close up!

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