Monday, July 14, 2008

The Truth About Beauty

Yesterday we took Nick over to Beckah's so that he could join them for an extended family dinner. Beckah's aunt was in town who is a rather famous author/nutritionist. When Nick mentioned this to me I was so excited because I have been WANTING to speak to a nutritionist but did not know any. Then I had to realize that this woman was here for a family visit and there was no way that I was going to intrude on it. So I asked Nick to ask her one question for me and on the 15 minute drive there, he completely forgot it!

When we pulled in to the driveway of Beckah's house, her mom came out to say hello and Frank - who is not one to intrude on people AT ALL - asks this woman if we could come in so that I can speak to her sister-in-law about nutrition! If we were sitting at a table instead of the front seat of a car I would have kicked him! Being gracious, Mary invited us in. Feeling a bit stupid, I go in and there was this tiny little woman in the kitchen cooking all kinds of yummy smelling things. She humored me and answered a TON of my questions and even gave me a copy of her book, "The Truth About Beauty". Her name is Kat James. All I can say is WOW. The book, so far, is very insightful and truly hits upon all of the dieting/wellness myths that we are told and what we really should be doing.

When I told her I was doing a low-cal/low-fat diet, she was horrified. When I mentioned that my digestive tract is messed up, she told me that it was because I was on a low-cal/low-fat diet. The body needs fat! Go figure. There is a lot of talk of natural supplements and changing the way that we cook - she was using a lot of coconut flour in her cooking yesterday. AND...the thing that really blew me away was that she got my son to eat all of it! The boy who lives on frozen pizzas, pasta and burgers ate a fennel turkey beanless chili and an all-natural cheesecake made with a coconut flour and assorted nut crust! I was proud of him, don't get me wrong, but at the same time, I wanted to slap him! If I don't buy the cheapy version of his processed herb and butter rice he won't eat it but sure, eat the turkey fennel, see if I care!

For more information on Kat James and how to be a part of her mountain retreat seminars (right here in Asheville, NC) you can go to her web-site at I'm telling you, she was a truly gracious and knowledgeable lady. Enjoy!

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