Thursday, July 31, 2008

Attention all parents: NO FUN FOR YOU!

As I've been mentioning lately, I am having some fun on facebook. I have met up with many long lost friends but I have also just been chatting with people that I see around town - AND their kids! This has brought great joy into my life. At times, I have laughed until my sides hurt.

Enter my teenager.

"Stop going on facebook!"
"Why?" I ask, clearly confused.
"Why do you have to be on there?" he demands
"Is this because I flaired you?" I asked. (For those of you unfamiliar with the facebook lingo, a flair is like a decorative pin with funny pictures and sayings on them. I find them hysterical and addictive)
"No, but stop sending me so many!"
I've sent him 3.
"Okay, I'll stop flairing you. I won't send you anymore flairs," I say, a little hurt that he is taking some of the fun out of this for me.
"NO! That's not what I said, just don't send them like everyday," he whines.
"But they're funny! C'mon, can't we just have fun?"
By the glare I am getting at this point, the answer is clearly no.
"Like I said, I won't flair you anymore." At this point I return to my own activity.

Later that night, while we are visiting some friends at their home, the topic of facebook comes up and we are all discussing all of the MOMS that have facebooks and once again, Captain Kill-Joy chimes in.
"I'm going to block you," he snips (or whatever the exact lingo is that means I can no longer be his facebook friend).
And before I can even come back with some snappy, sassy reply, one of the other teens in the room says, "If you block her from your facebook, she'll block you from using facebook completely." Gotta love that boy.
Nick's like "DUDE! Why would you even put that out there?"

Why, because that boy has obviously mastered the concept of parent/child. The parent makes the rules, the child OBEYS the rules. It's so simple really. When Nick realized that with 11 people in the room at that point, he was the only one with this opinion, he wisely stopped his rant.

Long story short, I love facebook.

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