Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Um, 1987 called and wants to hang out...

My teenager is angry with me. My husband is puzzled. My eight year old cannot even imagine how long ago 1987 even was. Why? Why you ask? I blame the facebook.

That's right, I said it.

I've been chatting with the girls and plans are in motion for a reunion weekend. What was originally going to be a girls weekend, then made an attempt at a full-blown, all-inclusive family vacation to someplace tropical. With the cost of everything these days, we nixed that idea and now are back to a weekend thing but this time with the families. The funny thing is that all of us girls are married with children, the guys that we are now including are mostly single. Hmm...why is that? Actually, the funny thing is that most of us married girls, dated some of these still-single guys and have PLENTY of explanations as to why they are still single. It all just makes me laugh.

Back in high school, my best friend was a guy. Oddly enough, his name was Kerry. Kerry now lives in Colorado and I have not seen him in probably close to 16 years. With all of this talk of a reunion, I HAD to get him on the phone and see if he would make the trip. The result? No. He is part-owner of a very successful steakhouse/micro-brewery and time off is a thing of the past for him. His choice of career always makes me giggle because whenever I think of Kerry, I think of beer. He always had beer. There was always a party at his house and there was always beer. Me...I hate beer. There are pictures out there somewhere of towers of empty beer cans with one or two empty coca-cola cans thrown in. That's how you knew if I was at a party. I am so not a beer drinker but good for Kerry for going out there and finding a career in the thing that he loved the most - beer. We talked for about 30 minutes today and I have to say, it's like not a day has passed. He answered the phone at the brewery and all I had to do was say his name and he's like "Stace?" How cool is that?

This last week has just been a hoot. I have really enjoyed re-connecting with people and seeing what is going on in everyone's lives. I have friends who have kids older than mine and friends who are still having babies. I have friends who have married and made a lot of money, I have friends who are somewhat poor, like me. All in all, sometimes it is just fun to take that trip down memory lane and remember a time in your life when life wasn't so complicated; when your biggest concern was how big you could get your hair for a night out and whether some cheerleader bitch was staring at the guy that you liked.

Ah, good times.

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