Saturday, July 12, 2008

Something fishy's goin' on...

Over the last couple of days there has been...shall we say... an odor coming from the boys room. Now, keep in mind that with a teenager, there is an odor most of the time he comes in to a room. Apparently I haven't found a deodorant soap strong enough...but that is another story. Anyway, there was this weird smell in their room that was making its way out in to the house. First we thought that it was coming from the purifier - maybe it was time for a new filter. Then we thought it was just the smell of unwashed clothes that people keep forgetting to put in the hamper. But alas, after doing laundry and a half a bottle of Febreeze, the stench remained.

Today, the teenager could not take it anymore. That must have been one strong smell to make HIM say "Oooh, that stinks!" So while I was out at the bookfair, the room was dismantled and the source of the smell was found in one of Michael's drawers. The culprit?

A fresh water clam.
A fresh water clam from the lake.
A fresh water clam from the lake from our trip TWO WEEKS AGO!!

Excuse me, a little vomit just came up.

So apparently there was much blame throwing as well as possessions that were anywhere NEAR the clam being thrown out all morning. I can confidently say that the clam is indeed gone - the smell, not so much yet.


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