Monday, July 21, 2008

My Disney Diet - Day 70

Okay, so happy fun-time is over. I had my first trip to see the family and they all oohed and aahed over the weight I had lost but people, I am not done yet! The trip up to NY was difficult because there are so many of my favorite foods up there that I cannot get here and usually whenever we go up for a visit, it is a massive food-fest. But I had EXTREME self control this time around and although I did not get to do my walk every morning, I did not over-indulge in the eating. I stayed true to what I was doing as much as humanly possible.

Except for the black and white cookies.

Have you ever had one of these? Oh, my word, they are delicious. My sister - who seemed determined to spoil me this trip - bought a box of the mini black and white cookies that I love so much. My first instinct was to eat them all and chase them down with a jumbo glass of milk. But, ever the lady, I refrained and ate two of them a day. Karen even packed the remaining cookies up for me to take home with me and I shared one with the guy sitting next to me on the plane on the way home, then shared some with the kids and even invited a friend over today to help me finish them off. I spread the love (and the calories) around.

Getting up and doing my walk this morning wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I wish I had more time. But after speaking with the nutritionist and realizing that the only way to get my digestive system right was to eat in the morning - and not something on the go - I had to cut back on my walking time in order to have time to eat. Seems odd to cut back on the exercise so that I can eat, but let me tell you, it's working. I have yet to get on the scale this week but I will by the end of it. I'm trying to not agonize over the numbers so much right now and focus on feeling better. Although I will say this, I am down 14 pounds total so far. Not too shabby! I'm thinking that I want to find a way to throw my Power 90 workout back in to the mix. Frank says that he will do the ab workout with me because he thinks he has a gut now. He doesn't but if he wants to sweat along with me, who am I to complain? I have to see how I can make it all happen.

It is 56 days until Disney - eight weeks to go! I'd like to be optimistic and lose 15 pounds in those eight weeks but I'm unsure if that's a realistic goal. Besides the prize of not being the fat sister in the vacation pictures, I also will win a $50 gift certificate to my favorite scrapbooking store for my efforts - I'm in a bit of a competition with a friend and that is our prize if we lose 25 pounds. I'm thinking that the GC will come in real handy with all of my vacation pictures.

Continue to think thin, everyone!

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