Saturday, July 12, 2008

What Happens in Vegas...Part 2

Hello! Idiot dieter here. Well, today was the bookfair (aka: Vegas). Michelle and I took over a dozen boxes/crates fully loaded with textbooks and the like to sell at this thing. On the way there, we stopped for breakfast, 280 calories. Got to the building, set up (worked up one heck of a sweat) and then I ate some homemade chocolate chip cookies, 430 calories. For lunch, I made us some Italian "sammies" (like Quizno's - only better) and we chased them down with two small cupcakes AND a can of coke! 1220 calories. We reloaded the remaining books back in the van and unloaded them back at the store (no small feat in the blazing sun!) and I downed 2 bottles of water. For dinner, it was just me and Michael and he wanted a 'date night' at McDonald's. What was I to do, say no? So to McDonald's I went were I ate a quarter pounder with no cheese, half of my fries and a small coke - 750 calories.

So feeling like a big ol' fatty, I jumped on the treadmill for 65 minutes and burned 710 calories and the calories burned from all of the book moving equalled another 200 calories burned and so I just made my 1800 calories a day goal but how stupid am I??? With 5 days to go until NY, I caved in to the peer pressure and ate and had fun with my friend - not usually a bad thing but this close to the time where all of my worst fears are going to be confronted, it was so not a smart move.

Pray for me, my friends. It's going to be a scary next couple of days. Think thin!

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