Thursday, July 17, 2008

But it's five in the morning...

Clearly I have issues. If I didn't, I'd be asleep right now instead of being awake at 5:39 am. I've actually been up since around 3:30 am. I've woken Frank up to talk and then came out here and made myself some breakfast already. Weird. Why is it on the night's that you desperately NEED to sleep, you can't? What's up with that? I just needed a good night's sleep to get this day going, so that I could relax. Now I'm going to be tired and cranky by the time I touch down at JFK. This is so not fair!

Well, now Michael's up now, too, sneezing his little head off. Poor baby. I hate that he suffers so much with his allergies. But, trooper that he is, he is heading back to sleep for another 45 minutes. I wish I could. I am unprepared to start the day! I want more sleep!

I'm whiney and crabby already. Yikes, not a good sign.

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