Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Disney Diet - Day 73


Day 73. Day one of my cycle. I'm sleepy and puffy - the split personality dwarf. I got up and did my normal morning routine except without the walk. That could explain why I'm still sleepy. But I had my good little breakfast, I had a very healthy lunch of grilled tuna and steamed veggies, I drank my water. For a snack I ate my little gluten-free chips with guacamole and salsa - I did have a coke at that point. Dinner will be salmon with steamed veggies and a spinach salad and more water.

I want to take a nap.

I have been bombarded with Disney info this week. I'm all kinds of Disney mailing lists and so I get news from the mouse several times a week but this week had me getting excited. Maybe because the NY trip is over and I can put my focus on the 'world'. Frank was putting change in the change jar this morning and he's quite focused on counting every dime that goes in. Why? Because he wants me to have as much money as possible to spend on what I want on this trip. How sweet is that? Michelle and I are talking about planning a girls trip (no relatives this time) for late 2009/early 2010. I was so in the groove and pumped up and then I got a call from a friend IN Disney right now and you know what? She wasn't having a magical time! Gasp! She was not having a very-Disney-day. Say what? In all of my years going to see the mouse, I have never heard of someon NOT having a good time. Even Frank, who is not a fan of Disney, has fun at Disney! My friend bummed me out. She sunk my spirits a little bit. But do not fear friends! I went to Archiver's today and looked at more scrapbooking stuff and feel refreshed! Silly me getting upset over someone else not having fun with Mickey. I know I will when I go AND I'll be thin doing it!

Did I mention that my new skinny pants are a little loose even on my puffy day? Yea, me! Keep thinking thin, everyone! It's working!

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