Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Me and My Park Avenue Taste

I live in a small home. I drive an older car. My husband drives an even older car. I buy my clothes primarily at Wal-Mart. I shop with coupons and a 'fancy' dinner to me is going to the Outback for their 'Outback Special'. Clearly I am not someone who indulges in much. I am happy (most of the time) with the simple pleasures in life and with our simple existence.

I am going to NY next week as you may remember. I am staying at the home of my mother and sister. Because so many other relatives will be there at the same time and I was the last to jump on board, I am relegated to sleeping on the couch. Not a big deal for me usually - I sleep on the couch when we stay at my sister-in-law's home. The problem with this particular couch is that it is the middle of a madhouse where the front door should be one of those revolving doors. There are people coming and going at all hours of the day and night and it doesn't matter if guests are trying to sleep. Now, I am greatly appreciative of my sister purchasing my plane ticket to get me up there to participate in the madness, but I was starting to freak out about the sleeping arrangements. Not only that, the house does not have central air and only the bedrooms have in-the-window air conditioning. Are any of these bedrooms near the couch so that I could feel a breeze? No. Do I normally sleep with a fan blowing on me 365 days a year along WITH the central A/C in the summer in my own home? Yes. Solution? My mom went out and bought an air mattress for me to sleep on in her bedroom with the built in pump. Can I hear a hallelujah? I was so thrilled that she thought me worthy of such a thing. Granted, it's still an air mattress but when faced with the alternative, I am almost giddy.

My charming sister who drops close to 40G a year on vacations and has a closet full of clothes the size of my bedroom (most still with the tags on that will eventually go to Good Will) took one look at the boxed bed and griped, "What does she need that for? What does she think this is, the Plaza?" Yes because we all know that when you think of the Plaza and all of it's plush comforts, you think twin-sized air mattress on the floor!

Why don't I go home and visit more often? Hmmm...

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