Friday, July 25, 2008

Ode to a Day Off

You know, I am off on the weekends but something about having the day off during the week just seems way more spectacular. This morning, I got up and did my usual thing - got Michael ready for school - and then you know what? I went back to bed! That's right, I just shut the bedroom door and crawled right back in to bed and slept til almost 11:00! Then, as if that wasn't enough, at noon I drove to McDonald's to get lunch for me and Nick without any make-up or brushing my hair! Granted, it wasn't a pretty sight, but it was the drive-thru for crying out loud, who cares!

I've had a relaxing time in front of the TV while I ate and before anyone says it out loud, no, McDonald's is NOT on my diet but I do not care on my day off. There are no worries on my day off. There is nothing that particularly concerns me on my day off. I wish my son had someplace to go on my day off.

So I will go and breeze around the house, not doing much of anything, and love every second of it. Life is good when you are off during the week.

Enjoy your day, everyone!

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