Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Waiting on a Friend - the Facebook Madness Continues

Day two of my journey on Facebook. I am having WAY too much fun. I found an old friend from high school who I probably have not seen since 1988! What a blast I had today talking with her! This is just way too cool.

Nick warned me to not 'friend request' him. Ha! I showed him. Not only did I friend request him but in the initial request, I threatened to ground him for 6 months if he denied me! That's right, I forced him to prove his love for me. And I don't know what he's so uptight about, a bunch of his friends have 'friend requested' me! Yes, I'm that cool.

I have another 10-12 requests out there for people that I found that I want to get in touch with. Several times throughout the day another name would pop in to my head and I would go on to Facebook and search them out. A lot of the people that I would like to find, are MIA. But I can only hope that some of them will show up eventually.

Now, on with the search!

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